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"Applications of Self-Organizing Maps" ed. by Magnus Johnsson

"Applications of Self-Organizing Maps" ed. by Magnus Johnsson
Second Edition
English | ITAvE | 2016 | ISBN: 953510862X | 298 pages | PDF | 26 MB
This issue is about how the original self-organizing map as well as variants and extensions of it can be applied in different fields. A wide range of applications is discussed - the analysis of financial stability, the fault diagnosis of plants, the creation of well-composed heterogeneous teams and the application of the self-organizing map to the atmospheric sciences.

The self-organizing map, first described by the Finnish scientist Teuvo Kohonen, can by applied to a wide range of fields.

1 Graph Mining Based SOM: ATool to Analyze EconomicStability
2 Social Interaction and Self-Organizing Maps
3 Using Wavelets for Feature Extraction and Self Organizing Maps for Fault Diagnosis of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems
4 Ex-Post Clustering of Brazilian Beef Cattle Farms Using Soms and Cross-Evaluation Dea Models
5 A Self - Organizing Map Based Strategy for Heterogeneous Teaming
6 Application of Self Organizing Maps to Multi Modal Adaptive Authentication System Using Behavior Biometrics
7 Quantification of Emotions for Facial Expression: Generation of Emotional Feature Space Using Self-Mapping
8 A Self Organizing Map Based Motion Classifier with an Extension to Fall Detection Problem and Its Implementation on a Smartphone
9 Using Self-Organizing Maps to Visualize, Filter and Cluster Multidimensional Bio-Omics Data
10 Application of Self-Organizing Maps in Text Clustering: A Review
11 Non-Linear Spatial Patterning in Cultural Site Formation Processes - The Evidence from Micro-Artefacts in Cores from a Neolithic Tell Site in Greece
12 Spatial Clustering Using Hierarchical SOM
13 Self-Organizing Maps: A Powerful Tool for the Atmospheric Sciences
14 Image Simplification Using Kohonen Maps: Application to Satellite Data for Cloud Detection and Land Cover Mapping
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