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Pixel Art for Game Developers

Pixel Art for Game Developers by Daniel Silber
English | Aug. 18, 2015 | ISBN: 1482252309 | 256 Pages | AZW4/PDF (True) | 44.16 MB/43.43 MB
Is the art for your video game taking too long to create? Learning to create Pixel Art may be the answer to your development troubles. Uncover the secrets to creating stunning graphics with Pixel Art for Game Developers.

The premier how-to book on Pixel Art and Pixel Art software, it focuses on the universal principles of the craft.

The book provides an introduction to Pixel Art, its utility, foundational elements, and concepts such as light and shadow. It offers tutorials on creating animations and serves as a functional guide for the most common methodology in 2D game development.

Gamers love the retro feel of Pixel Art, and lucky for you it is easy to create. Youll love the tiny file sizes that will reduce compile times and help your game run faster. Providing you with the skills to create the characters and environments needed for 2D games, this book will help you:

Create tilesets to build game environments
Understand light and shadow
Work efficiently with pixels
Use atmospheric and linear perspective
Create professional-quality Pixel Art
This book has chapters dedicated to theory as well as step-by-step tutorials, both of which describe the process explicitly. Whether you are an artist, programmer, indie developer, or certified public accountant, after reading this book, youll understand the steps necessary to create production-quality Pixel Art graphics.

Praise for the Book:

Pixel Art and Pixel Art games are very popular and the technique is a great way for independent creators to create very good-looking games with limited resources. Its frankly shocking that there hasnt been a resource like this before ... a very timely book.
―Chris Totten, George Mason University, Washington, DC, USA

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