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Advances in Cryogenic Engineering: Volume 37

Advances in Cryogenic Engineering: Volume 37 by R.W. Fast
English | 13 Sept. 2013 | ISBN: 1461364868 | 772 Pages | PDF | 29 MB
Currently, screw compressors incorporating oil injection system as are widely used in helium refrigeration systems for superconducting equipment. Their popularity for such applications stems from the fact that they incorporate fewer oving parts and exhibit more stable operation over long period of time than the reciprocating compressor. Never the less. There remains scope for iaproveaent of oil injection type helium screw compressors in the area of performance and reliability, particularly with superconducting generation systems which demand very high efficiency and reliability.

When a large quantity of oil is injected into the screw compressor in order to improve per form ance, problem is such as increased compression power and bearing failure occur due to oil compression phenolenon within the screw compressor. The authors carried out research into these aspects of compressor per form ance in order to determine ways of enhancing compressor performance and developing ways of avoiding problems.


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