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"Cancer Prevention - From Mechanisms to Translational Benefits" ed. by Alexandros Georgakilas

"Cancer Prevention - From Mechanisms to Translational Benefits" ed. by Alexandros Georgakilas
InTeO | 2012 | ISBN: 9535105473 9789535105473 | 487 pages | PDF | 8 MB

This synthesis of chapters from top experts in their fields targets the unique and significant area of cancer prevention for different types of cancers. Perspective readers are invited to go through novel ideas and current developments in the field of molecular mechanisms for cancer prevention, epidemiological studies, antioxidant therapies and diets, as well as clinical aspects and new advances in prognosis and avoidance of cancer.

The primary target audience for the book includes PhD students, researchers, biologists, medical doctors and professionals who are interested in mechanistic studies on cancer prevention and translational benefits for optimized cancer treatment.


Section 1 Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis, Role of Oxidative Stress. Inflammation and DNA Damage

1 Targeting Tumor Microenvironments for Cancer Prevention and Therapy

2 Inflammatory ROS in Fanconi Anemia Hematopoiesis and Leukemogenesis

3 Staying a Step Ahead of Cancer

4 Kaiso and Prognosis of Cancer in the Current Epigenetic Paradigm

5 Targeting Molecular Pathways for Prevention of High Risk Breast Cancer: A Model for Cancer Prevention

Section 2 Dietary and Lifestyle Patterns in Cancer Prevention

6 Lifestyle Changes May Prevent Cancer

7 Risk and Protective Factors for Development of Colorectal Polyps and Cancer

8 Colorectal Cancer and the Preventive Effects of Food Components

9 Cervical Cancer Screening and Prevention for HIV-Infected Women in the Developing World

10 Chemopreventive Activity of Mediterranean Medicinal Plants

11 Dietary Manipulation for Therapeutic Effect in Prostate Cancer

12 Phytoestrogens as Nutritional Modulators in Colon Cancer Prevention

13 The Therapeutic Potential of Pomegranate and Its Products for Prevention of Cancer

Section 3 Strategies for Treatment and Advances from the Clinic

14 Strategic Communication for Cancer Prevention and Control: Reaching and Influencing Vulnerable Audiences

15 Early Detection: An Opportunity for Cancer Prevention Through Early Intervention

16 Creating a Sustainable Cancer Workforce: Focus on Disparities and Cultural Competence

17 The Changing Landscape of Prostate Cancer Chemoprevention: Current Strategies and Future Directions

18 Prevention and Therapeutic Strategies in Endometrial Cancer

19 Reducing False Positives in a Computer-Aided Diagnosis Scheme for Detecting Breast Microcalcificacions: A Cuantitative Study with Generalized Additive Models

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