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Physiological Control Systems: Analysis, Simulation, and Estimation

Physiological Control Systems: Analysis, Simulation, and Estimation by Michael C. K. Khoo
English | September 24, 1999 | ISBN-10: 0780334086 | 344 pages | PDF | 8 Mb

Many recently improved medical diagnostic techniques and therapeutic innovations have resulted from physiological systems modeling. This comprehensive book will help undergraduate and graduate students and biomedical scientists to gain a better understanding of how the principles of control theory, systems analysis, and model identification are used in physiological regulation.
Ample Simulink? and MATLAB? examples throughout the text and posted at an IEEE FTP site will provide you with a hands-on approach for exploring modeling and analysis of biological control systems.

You will learn about classical control theory and its application to physiological systems, and contemporary topics and methodologies shaping bioengineering research today. Discussions on the latest developments in system identification, optimal control, and nonlinear dynamical analysis will keep you up-to-date with recent bioengineering advances. From modeling and stability analysis to feedback control in physiological regulatory mechanisms, Physiological Control Systems provides an in-depth study of key bioengineering principles that is simply unmatched in the field.


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Tags: Physiological, Control, Systems, Analysis, Simulation, Estimation

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