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How to Be a Movie Star: Elizabeth Taylor in Hollywood [Audiobook]

How to Be a Movie Star: Elizabeth Taylor in Hollywood [Audiobook] by William J. Mann
English | November 24, 2013 | ASIN: B00GHP2ZTG | MP3 VBR V7 | 15 hrs 37 mins | 214 MB
Narrator: Mark Boyett | Genre: Nonfiction/Biography/Cinema

Elizabeth Taylor has never been short on star power, but in this unprecedented biography, the spotlight is entirely on her - a spirited beauty full of magic, professional daring, and wit.

Acclaimed biographer William Mann follows Elizabeth Taylor publicly as she makes her ascent at MGM, falls into (and out of) marriages, wins Oscars, fights studio feuds, and combats Americas conservative values with her decidedly modern love affairs. But he also shines a light on Elizabeths rich private life, revealing a love for her craft and a loyalty to the underdog that fueled her lifelong battle against the studio system. Swathed in mink, disposing of husbands but keeping the diamonds - this is Elizabeth Taylor as she lived and loved, breaking and making the rules in the game of supreme celebrity.

In the 60s, Elizabeth Taylors affair with the married Richard Burton knocked John Glenns orbit of the moon off front pages nationwide. Yet, despite all the gossip, the larger-than-life personality and influence of this very human woman has never been captured. William Mann, praised by Gore Vidal, Patricia Bosworth, and Gerald Clarke for Kate, uses untapped sources and conversations to show how she ignited the sexual revolution with her on-and off-screen passions, helped kick down the studio system by taking control of her own career, and practically invented the big business of celebrity star-making. With unputdownable storytelling he tells the full truth without losing Taylors magic, daring, or wit.

Listeners will feel they are sitting next to Taylor as she rises at MGM, survives a marriage engineered for publicity, feuds with Hedda Hopper and Mr. Mayer, wins Oscars, endures tragedy, juggles Eddie Fisher, Richard Burton and her countrys conservative values. But it is the private Elizabeth that will surprise - a woman of heart and loyalty, who defends underdogs, a savvy professional whose anger at the studios treatment of her led to a lifelong battle against that very system. All the Elizabeths are here, finally reconciled and seen against the exciting years of her greatest spirit, beauty, and influence. Swathed in mink, staring us down with her lavender eyes, disposing of husbands but keeping the diamonds, here is Elizabeth Taylor as she was meant to be, leading her epic life on her own terms, playing the game of supreme stardom at which she remains, to this day, unmatched.

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