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"Turbulence Modeling for CFD" by David C. Wilcox

"Turbulence Modeling for CFD" by David C. Wilcox
Third Edition
English | DCW Ind. | 2006 | ISBN: 1928729088 9781928729082 | 538 pages | PDF | 126 MB
This book maintains its basic theme, which is description of and development tools for engineering models of turbulence. The primary goal of this book is to provide a systematic approach to developing a set of constitutive equations suitable for computation of turbulent flows. A secondary goal of this book is to provide a rational way for deciding how complex a model is required for a given problem.

The engineer who feels no existing turbulence model is suitable for his or her needs and wishes to modify an existing model or to devise a new model will benefit from this feature of the text. A methodology is presented in Chapters 3 and 4 for devising and testing such equations. The methodology is illustrated in great detail for two-equation turbulence models. However, it is by no means limited to such models and is used again in Chapter 6 for a full stress-transport model, but with less detail.
The engineer who wishes to select an existing model that is sufficient for his or her needs will benefit most from this feature of the text.

The material presented in this book is appropriate for a one-semester, first or second year graduate course, or as a reference text for a CFD course.
Successful study of this material requires an understanding of viscous-flow and boundary-layer theory.

Brief Contents
1 Introduction
2 The Closure Problem
3 Algebraic Models
4 One-Equation and Two-Equation Models
5 Effects of Compressibility
6 Beyond the Boussinesq Approximation
7 Numerical Considerations
8 New Horizons
Appendix A: Cartesian Tensor Analysis
Appendix B: Rudiments of Perturbation Methods
Appendix C: Companion Software
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