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Featuring a wide selection of recipes, Potatoes in 60 Ways introduces you to the fascinating varieties of potatoes available commercially today, from baby new potatoes, which are popular for salads, to the more unusual red and purple potatoes. The versatility of the nutritious and tasty tuber is captured in the multitude of exciting ways in which potatoes are cooked across cultures, offering a diverse selection ranging from salads, soups and appetisers to snacks and substantial mains.

For starters, choose a refreshing Belgian potato salad dressed with a light vinaigrette or the spicy and nutty flavours of the Gado Gado, an Indonesian salad featuring potatoes and an assortment of crunchy vegetables served with a rich peanut sauce. Enjoy appetisers as deliciously different as a crispy pan-fried Swiss Potato Rosti and spicy Indian potato cubes. Savour the light, peppery flavours of a Chinese Potato and Pork Rib Soup or a creamy potato soup. Prepare tasty snacks as varied as a Spanish tortilla with Chorizo sausages, and delicious local hot favourites like chicken curry puffs. For a variety of mains to whet the appetite, whip up a scrumptious Indian mee goreng or bake a crusty Golden Fish Pie with a tasty mash filling. This cookbook is simply a must-read for anyone who loves potatoes.

Featured recipes include:
Potato & Prawn Salad
Gado Gado/Indonesian Potato Salad
Cream of Potato soup
Potato & Pork Rib Soup
Swiss Potato Rosti
Crunchy Curried Potatoes
Golden Fish Pie
Potato Pizza

In 60 Ways: Great Recipe Ideas with A Classic Ingredient is an exciting series of cookbooks that explores the amazing variety of ways in which an ingredient can be prepared for the modern table. Recipes are sourced from all around the world and are written in simple step-by-step format so they are easy to follow and prepare. Measurements are given in Metric, Imperial and American units for further convenience, and a fully illustrated glossary of ingredients ensures no ambiguity about ingredients wherever the recipe is prepared.

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