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Eat to Radiate  Nourish Your Way to Beauty and Energy

Eat to Radiate: Nourish Your Way to Beauty and Energy and Break Free From Compulsive Eating by Sulinya Ramanan
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Overview: Changing what you eat will change who you are. When you switch to a cleaner, more nourishing lifestyle, you will see profound improvements in your skin and hair, weight, and energy. You will look and feel younger. You will reduce your chances of developing diseases and often reverse pre-existing ailments. Most of all, you will feel more positive, and this will have a profound impact on your quality of life and your choices, which will ultimately lead you to building the life of your dreams.
Part personal growth, part nutrition, and part cookbook with forty simple and clean recipes, Eat to Radiate will give you tools so that, whatever you desire, be it a beautiful body, a clear mind, inner peace, confidence, or anything else that you desire, will be yours. It helps you to break free from the suffering of emotional eating and repetitive weight gain and develop a joyous relationship with food. Eat to Radiate shows you how you can use food as a tool to look great, feel amazing, discover your personal power, have passion for life and all it has to offer, and be unapologetically happy. All this is only possible with a healthy mind and body, which starts with food.
So while this book presents recipes and strategies for creating your best health, know that the deeper gift comes from the re-patterning that inevitably occurs when you shift to a cleaner, more nourishing lifestyle. All that you want can be yours.

Eat to Radiate  Nourish Your Way to Beauty and Energy

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