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Debunk It!: How to Stay Sane in a World of Misinformation

John Grant, "Debunk It!: How to Stay Sane in a World of Misinformation"
English | 2015 | ISBN-10: 1936976684 | 288 pages | EPUB | 0,8 MB

We live in an era of misinformation, much of it spread by authority figures, including politicians, religious leaders, broadcasters, and, of course, apps and websites. With so much bogus information coming from so many sources, how can anyone be expected to discover the truth?

In Debunk It, author John Grant uses modern, ripped-from-the-headlines examples to clearly explain how to identify bad evidence and poor arguments. He provides a roundup of the rhetorical tricks people use when attempting to pull the wool over our eyes, and even offers advice about how to take these unscrupulous pundits down. So if youre tired of hearing blowhards spouting off about climate change, history, evolution, medicine, and more, this is the book for you. Debunk It is the ultimate guide for young readers seeking a firmer footing in a world thats full of holes.

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