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How to Stress Less: Simple Ways to Stop Worrying and Take Control of Your Future
Benjamin Bonetti, "How to Stress Less: Simple Ways to Stop Worrying and Take Control of Your Future"
ISBN: 0857084682 | 2014 | EPUB | 240 pages | 636 KB

Say goodbye to stress for good!

It's a fact - stress kills! Yet, so many of us findourselves stressed out, day to day. However, if you are feelinganxious, find it hard to relax or perhaps struggle to get rid ofthat constant mental ache, let celebrated life-coach and mentorBenjamin Bonetti show you how to chill. In his latest title, HowTo Stress Less, Benjamin shows you how to combat stress bytaking action and intentionally rejecting it when it rears its uglyhead.

How To Stress Less provides you with an easy to followguide to help you effectively release and manage everyday stressthat can seriously affect your health. Benjamin does not promise towave a magic wand to make your troubles disappear. Rather, headdresses the impact of stress and helps you deal with deep-seatedissues surrounding common reasons we find ourselves stressed out inthe first place.

In this forward thinking stress manual, How To StressLess offers:

Guidance and advice which has helped many of Benjamin'sclients free their lives of stress
Practical tips to address the issues that trigger everydaystress as well as tips on how to respond
Effective solutions to quit worrying for good and learn torelax

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