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50 Ways To Prevent and Manage Stress

50 Ways To Prevent and Manage Stress by M. Sara Rosenthal
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Contemporary | ISBN: 0737305584 | edition 2001 | PDF | 160 pages | 7.47 MB

This quick and easy volume features 50 solutions you can use to alleviate the effects of stress and related disorders. 50 Ways to Prevent and Manage Stress includes information on the health toll of stress, work and home adjustments that can help reduce stress, body work, diet and herbal relief, exercise, counseling, and creative outlets.

M. Sara Rosenthal, M.S., is a medical journalist and educator and the author of many acclaimed health books. She is an associate of the Centre for Health Promotion, University of Toronto, a World Health Organization Collaborating Centre in health promotion.

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