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(Piano/Vocal/Guitar Songbook). 12 songs complete with color illustrations and story line. Songs include:

1. A-E-I-O-U (The Caterpillar Song) (Oliver Wallace)
2. Alice in Wonderland (Sammy Fain - Bob Hilliard)
3. All in the Golden Afternoon (Sammy Fain - Bob Hilliard)
4. The Caucus Race (Sammy Fain - Bob Hilliard)
5. How D'ye Do and Shake Hands (Oliver Wallace & Cy Coben)
6. I'm Late (Sammy Fain - Bob Hilliard)
7. In a World of My Own (Sammy Fain - Bob Hilliard)
8. March of the Cards (Sammy Fain)
9. 'Twas Brillig (Don Raye & Gene de Paul, from the poem by Lewis Carrol)
10. The Unbirthday Song (Mack David, Al Hoffman & Jerry Levingston)
11. Very Good Advice (Sammy Fain - Bob Hilliard)
12. The Walrus and the Carpenter (Sammy Fain - Bob Hilliard)

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