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Blizzards (Facts on File Dangerous Weather Series) by Michael Allaby
Facts on File (J); Revised edition | November 2003 | English | ISBN: 081604791X | 176 pages | PDF | 8 MB

This updated and revised volume in the Dangerous Weather series explores the cold weather phenomenon blizzards. Organized and written in an easy-to-follow style, author Michael Allaby answers the most important questions students and non-specialists have about blizzards and he provides a general overview of the current information that shapes the way blizzards are understood and studied.

Featured coverage includes the definition of a blizzard; discussion of continental and maritime climates, movements of air masses in winter, ice caps, glaciers, and icebergs; coverage of where blizzards occur, why gales happen, hail, sleet, snow, evaporation, condensation, and the formation of clouds; explanations of freezing rain and freezing fog, what happens when water freezes and ice melts, and snowflakes and types of snow; and an overview of several other topics, such as Wilson Bentley, the man who photographed snowflakes, as well as snow storms, wind chill, frostbite, hypothermia, white outs, changing climates, and forecasting blizzards.

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