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João Constâncio and Maria João Mayer Branco, "As the Spider Spins: Essays on Nietzsche 's Critique and Use of Language"
English | ISBN: 3110280906 | 2012 | 327 pages | PDF | 3 MB

Nietzsche's metaphor of the spider that spins its cobweb expresses his critique of the metaphysical use of language - but it also suggests that "we, spiders", are able to spin different, life-affirming, non-metaphysical cobwebs. This book focuses not only on Nietzsche's critique of the metaphysical assumptions of language, but also on his effort to use language in a different way, i.e., to create a "new language." It is from this viewpoint that the book considers such themes as consciousness, the self, metaphor, instinct, affectivity, style, morality, truth, and knowledge.

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Tags: Critique, Language, Nietzsche, Spider, Essays

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