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The Metabolism Advantage: An 8-Week Program to Rev Up Your Body's Fat-Burning Machine...

The Metabolism Advantage: An 8-Week Program to Rev Up Your Body's Fat-Burning Machine---At Any Age by John Berardi
English | 2006-09-05 | ISBN: 1594863237 | LQ scan PDF | 256 pages | 9,4 MB

With this powerful body transformation program, men and women discover how to kick their metabolism into high gear--and replace flab with lean, fat-burning muscle . . . in just 8 weeks

Revving up the body so that it optimizes nutrition and turns flab into lean body mass can be accomplished easily and quickly--and at any age, even after the body's metabolism has supposedly slowed down. That's what sought-after fitness trainer and nutrition expert John Berardi demonstrates in this new book.

Drawing on the best scientific research, including his own ongoing studies, Berardi has developed a supremely effective plan that enables his clients--who include athletes, models, and ordinary men and women of different fitness levels--to stoke their metabolic fires, burn more calories, build lean muscle, and improve their health, too! This unique three-pronged program includes:

- the Nutrition Plan, which provides recipes and meal plans that offer readers the foods that will teach their bodies to burn fat for fuel
- the Exercise Plan, which combines interval exercise and strength training to enable readers to burn more calories not only while they are working out but also after exercise
- the Supplement Plan, which identifies the essential compounds that kick the metabolism into high gear and improve general well-being

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