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Manda Scott - Dreaming The Bull (Boudica #2)

Manda Scott - Dreaming The Bull (Boudica #2)
Unabridged AudioBook | 2005 | Genre: HistoricalFiction | English | ISBN-13: 978-0553814071 | MP3 64Kb | Length: 16 hrs and 55 mins | 406.72 MB

Among the tribes, none would believe that their most hated enemy - the bloodthirsty cavalry commander astride a pied war-horse - could be one of their own... or that he might hold their fate in his hands. But as the fires of the war between the tribes and the occupying armies of Rome rage on, dozens of lives will be drawn into the conflict. Caradoc, the Eceni warrior who will come face-to-face with the emperor himself. Cunomar, son of a warrior queen, who will learn about war - and sacrifice - at his parents' side. Agrippina, the mesmerizing empress whose guile equals that of her husband. Claudius, the omnipotent yet terrified ruler mired in a war he must win at all costs. And then there is Valerius. Caught between worlds, he has the hardest task of all - coming to terms with his heritage and where his choices have taken him - on a perilous journey back to a fateful confrontation with the most feared woman in Brittania... Boudica.

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Tags: Dreaming, Boudica

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