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Train Signal - Microsoft Excel 2007

Train Signal - Microsoft Excel 2007
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The Most Comprehensive 12 Hours of Hands On Microsoft Excel 2007 Training Guaranteed or Your Money Back! Learn All of the Simple Tools & Techniques Used By Professionals to Increase Productivity, Enhance Efficiency and Improve Business Analysis and Reporting!

Lesson 1 - Introduction to Excel 2007

Meet your instructor, Bill Kulterman, and become familiar with the features of this course and the scenario that will guide you through your learning experience.

Lesson 2 - Welcome to Excel

A thorough explanation of the new interface of Excel 2007, focusing especially on The Ribbon, and navigation.
The Ribbon
Navigation, getting around in Excel

Lesson 3 - Entering and Editing Data

Learn tricks to enter data lists quicker and easier.
How to enter data
Working With Ranges of Data
Auto Fill, or Fill Series

Lesson 4 - Calculations

Learn about basic arithmetic operations, and the syntax for writing Excel formulas. Discover many ways to perform the same function and learn about the new file formats of Excel.
Understanding the Order of Operations
Using Basic Formulas,
Understanding Functions
What is Absolute Reference?
Save and Save As

Lesson 5 - Multiple Worksheets

Understand the difference between a workbook and a worksheet. Learn to add, move, and copy worksheets in an existing workbook or a new one. Learn to calculate data from several worksheets.
What is a Worksheet?
Add a new Worksheet
Using 3D Reference to calculate across several worksheets
Working With Worksheets

Lesson 6 - Basic Formatting

Learn about fonts, text size, color, cell options, fill, merge and center, borders, and alignment.
Format Numbers
Working with Text
Cell options

Lesson 7 - Organization

Freeze Panes to make it easier to work with lots of data. Sort data into groups for better organization. Learn to filter out unwanted data.
Freeze Panes
Sorting your data
Filtering out unwanted data
Format Data as a Table

Lesson 8 - Advanced Formatting

Learn about the new Styles options and Smart Art in Excel 2007, as well as mastering the drawing tools to create shapes and text boxes. All of this is meant to help give a nice finished appearance to your Excel workbooks.
Using Excel Table Styles
Adding Shapes to your Excel workbooks
Graphics in Excel
Using the new Smart Art tools

Lesson 9 - Advanced Formulas

Get exposed to some of the most commonly used functions and formulas in Excel. Gain a basic understanding of the types of things you can do with Excel by exposing the user to the different functions available.
Naming Ranges of data
Lookup and Reference functions
Logical Test functions
Financial functions
Using Database Functions
Text functions

Lesson 10 - Auditing

Help people find errors in their worksheets, make sure the right type of data is being used, and keep an eye on changes as they happen.
Identifying Errors
Using Validation
Watch Your Data

Lesson 11 - Charts

Learn to present data visually in easily understood charts and graphs.

What Is a Chart?
Create Charts with Excel
Format Charts with Excel

Lesson 12 - Multiple Workbooks

Expose people to the concept of linking multiple workbooks together with formulas and summarizing information from a group of workbooks.
Linking Workbooks
Consolidation workbook data

Lesson 13 - Templates

Streamline the process of creating the same worksheet repeatedly.
What is a template?
Creating our own templates

Lesson 14 - PivotTables

The goal here is to simply learn the best way to analyze large amounts of data in Excel.
What are Pivot Tables?
Creating a Pivot Table
What else can I do with Pivot Tables?
Formatting a Pivot Table
Create a Pivot Chart

Lesson 15 - Collaboration

Learn ways to track several people on the same worksheet and merge them together into a finished document; again, another time saver.
Protect and share a workbook
Tracking Changes in Excel
Merging Documents
Insert Comments and Hyperlinks in Excel

Lesson 16 - Macros

Record a series of commands performed frequently to speed up the process, or make it easier for less skilled users to perform complex actions.
Using Macros
Creating Macros in Excel 2007
Create a Macro Button
Take a look at the Macro Editor, VBA
Saving a workbook with a Macro

Lesson 17 - Printing

Control the way your documents print.
Viewing your documents
Page layout options
Insert Headers and footers
Prepare your document to print

Train Signal - Microsoft Excel 2007


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