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Kevin J Anderson - War of the Worlds : Global Dispatches

Kevin J Anderson - War of the Worlds : Global Dispatches
Unabridged AudioBook | 1997 | Genre: Science Fiction | English | ISBN-13: 9780553575989 | MP3 96Kb, ePub | Length: 12 hrs and 5 mins | 498.6 MB

War of the Worlds: Global Dispatches is a tribute to H. G. Wells' The War of the Worlds; each story envisions a famous individual's reactions to the Martian invasion and the impact of the invasion on a different part of the world.

Leading sf authors Robert Silverberg, Barbara Hambly, Allen Steele, Gergory Benford, Connie Willis, and 14 others imagine H.G. Wells's Martian invasion from points around the world as written by notable 19th-century authors and personages such as Teddy Roosevelt, Picasso, Einstein, Tolstoy, Verne, and Mark Twain. The pieces were all commissioned for this anthology except Howard Waldrop's Night of the Cooters, in which the Martians face the formidable Texas Rangers. A rollicking good compilation, especially Willis's hilarious Emily Dickinson.

Several of the stories tie into other works of fiction; Anderson would also later go on to write The Martian War, a novel that also presented Wells' Martian invasion from the viewpoints of Wells and several other fictional and historical characters.

Forward -- H. G. Wells (Kevin J. Anderson)
The Roosevelt Dispatches -- Teddy Roosevelt (Mike Resnick)
Canals in the Sand -- Percival Lowell (Kevin J. Anderson)
Foreign Devils -- Guangxu Emperor and Empress Dowager Cixi (Walter Jon Williams)
Blue Period -- Pablo Picasso (Daniel Marcus)
The Martian Invasion Journals of Henry James -- Henry James (Robert Silverberg)
The True Tale of the Final Battle of Umslopogaas the Zulu -- Winston Churchill and H. Rider Haggard (Janet Berliner)
Night of the Cooters -- The Texas Rangers (Howard Waldrop)
Determinism and the Martian War, with Relativistic Corrections -- Albert Einstein (Doug Beason)
Soldier of the Queen -- Rudyard Kipling and Mohandas K. Gandhi (Barbara Hambly)
Mars: The Home Front -- Edgar Rice Burroughs (George Alec Effinger)
A Letter from St. Louis -- Joseph Pulitzer (Allen Steele)
Resurrection -- Leo Tolstoy and Joseph Stalin (Mark W. Tiedemann)
Paris Conquers All -- Jules Verne (Gregory Benford and David Brin)
To Mars and Providence -- H. P. Lovecraft (Don Webb)
Roughing it During the Martian Invasion -- Mark Twain (Daniel Keys Moran and Jodi Moran)
To See the World End -- Joseph Conrad (M. Shayne Bell)
After a Lean Winter -- Jack London (Dave Wolverton)
The Soul Selects her own Society: Invasion and Repulsion: A Chronological Reinterpretation of Two of Emily Dickinson's Poems: A Wellsian Perspective -- Emily Dickinson (Connie Willis)
Afterward: Retrospective -- Jules Verne (Gregory Benford and David Brin)

Includes EPUB version of the text.

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