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African Languages Resources
African Languages Resources
English | PDF, DJVU, Audio Mp3 | Large Books Collection | 2.19 GB
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Books List:
01.Amharic Phrasebook.pdf (381.51 KB)
01.Amharic Textbook.pdf (122.08 MB)
01.Colloquial Amharic audio.rar (151.38 MB)
01.Colloquial Amharic.pdf (18.60 MB)
02.Tigre Grammar and Texts.pdf (8.35 MB)
03.Introduction to Classical Ethiopic.pdf (32.52 MB)
03.The Ethiopian Language (Russian).djvu (7.06 MB)
04.A new Arabic grammar of the written language.pdf (18.38 MB)
04.An Introduction to Koranic and Classical Arabic.pdf (8.30 MB)
04.Teach Yourself Colloquial (Egyptian) Arabic.pdf (35.43 MB)
05.A Modern Somali-English Dictionary.pdf (14.18 MB)
05.Colloquial Somali audio.rar (112.41 MB)
05.Colloquial Somali.pdf (2.50 MB)
05.Reading in Somali an elementary cultural reader.pdf (6.62 MB)
05.The Somali Language.pdf (25.34 MB)
06.Handbook of the Oromo Language.pdf (20.86 MB)
07.A Course In Spoken Tamazight.rar (51.53 MB)
07.Grammaire Berbre (rifain, tamazight, chleuh, kabyle).pdf (5.24 MB)
07.La Nouvelle Grammaire de l'Amazighe.pdf (1.66 MB)
07.Reference Grammar of Tamazight.pdf (18.60 MB)
08.Hausa phrasebook.pdf (488.90 KB)
08.Lehrbuch der Hausa Sprache.pdf (6.35 MB)
08.Russian-Hausa-Yoruba Dictionary.djvu (6.21 MB)
08.Spoken Hausa.rar (122.01 MB)
08.Teach Yourself Hausa.rar (45.03 MB)
08.The Hausa language a descriptive grammar.pdf (9.50 MB)
09.A Coptic Grammar with Chrestomathy and Glossary Sahidic Dialect.pdf (23.57 MB)
09.Coptic in 20 Lessons.pdf (6.77 MB)
09.Einfuhrung in die koptische Sprache.pdf (5.80 MB)
10.Demotic Egyptian Guide.pdf (17.38 MB)
11.Ancient Egyptian a linguistic introduction.pdf (16.22 MB)
11.Middle Egyptian an introduction to the language and culture of hieroglyphs 2nd edition.pdf (20.84 MB)
11.Middle Egyptian An Introduction.pdf (2.45 MB)
12..Yoruba Phrasebook.pdf (461.87 KB)
12.Beginner's Yoruba audio.rar (81.86 MB)
12.Beginner's Yoruba.rar (29.45 MB)
12.Colloquial Yoruba.pdf (2.16 MB)
12.Gramatica Yoruba Para Quem Fala Portugues.pdf (3.38 MB)
12.Guia Practica de la lengua yoruba en cuatro idiomas.pdf (23.69 MB)
12.Lehrbuch der Yoruba Sprache.pdf (4.70 MB)
12.Teach Yourself Yoruba audio.rar (50.77 MB)
12.Teach Yourself Yoruba.pdf (44.67 MB)
12.Yoruba Intermediate Texts.pdf (8.45 MB)
13.Fula Basic Course.pdf (17.29 MB)
13.Uchebnik Yazyka Fula.djvu (7.00 MB)
14.Beginner's Shona.pdf (22.14 MB)
14.Shona mini companion.pdf (18.13 MB)
14.Shona Phrasebook.pdf (417.08 KB)
15.Grammaire du Wolof Contemporain.pdf (3.29 MB)
15.J'apprends le Wolof.pdf (24.03 MB)
15.Practical course in Wolof.pdf (5.85 MB)
15.Wolof Phrasebook.pdf (368.03 KB)
16.Lehrbuch des Bambara.pdf (7.58 MB)
16.Parlons Bambara Langue et Culture.pdf (8.00 MB)
17.Sanibona 1 a beginner's course in Zulu.pdf (19.70 MB)
17.Teach Yourself Zulu audio.rar (85.31 MB)
17.Teach Yourself Zulu.rar (80.21 MB)
17.Yazyk Zulu.pdf (7.29 MB)
17.Zulu Phrasebook.pdf (482.99 KB)
18.Teach Yourself Xhosa.rar (136.38 MB)
18.Xhosa A Concise Manual.pdf (27.70 MB)
18.Xhosa Phrasebook.pdf (362.88 KB)
19.Kongo Language Course Maloongi Makikoongo.pdf (8.86 MB)
20.Parlons Citumbuka.pdf (22.11 MB)
21.Parlons Lingala.pdf (5.95 MB)
22.Sango Langue de l'Afrique Centrale.pdf (24.96 MB)
23.Parlnos Ewe.pdf (6.18 MB)
24.Colloquial Afrikaans audio.rar (125.64 MB)
24.Colloquial Afrikaans.pdf (42.88 MB)
24.Teach Yourself Afrikaans 1957.pdf (17.22 MB)
24.Teach Yourself Afrikaans 1988.pdf (40.14 MB)
24.Teach Yourself Afrikaans 2005.pdf (16.65 MB)
24.Teach Yourself Afrikaans audio.rar (161.00 MB)
24.Uchebnik yazyka afrikaans.djvu (5.67 MB)
25.A Linguistic Geography of Africa.pdf (5.90 MB)
25.African Language Resource Handbook.pdf (5.43 MB)
25.African language Structures.pdf (31.03 MB)
25.African languages development and the state.pdf (2.79 MB)
25.An introduction to African languages.pdf (6.35 MB)
25.Encyclopedia of The Peoples of Africa and the Middle East.pdf (29.32 MB)
25.Language and National Identity in Africa.pdf (4.09 MB)
25.Language in South Africa.pdf (2.27 MB)
25.The languages of urban Africa.pdf (1.48 MB)
25.The World's Major Languages.pdf (7.25 MB)

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