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50 Keys To Better Photography! (On Target Photo Training)
50 Keys To Better Photography! (On Target Photo Training) by Dan Eitreim
English | 2012 | ISBN: n/a | ASIN: B009FMI3JO | 216 pages | EPUB | 2,2 MB

Revised and expanded!
This one is huge! Over 160 pages of easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to DO tips that will make you a better photographer!

If you are tired of being the runner-up in all the local photography contests and want to start hearing "Ooohs" and "Aaahs" when people look at your photos, this one is for YOU!
To give you an idea of what is included, here is the table of contents...

The Basics Of Photography:
Key 1: Photography Simplified
Key 2: Aperture And Shutter Speed
Key 3: Master Your Camera - Fast!
Key 4: The Photographer's Secret Weapon
Key 5: Creativity Can Be Learned
Key 6: A New Vantage Point
Key 7: Put the "Wow" Factor In Your Photos!
Key 8: Tell A Story
Key 9: Exposure - How Your Meter Works!
Key 10: How To Shoot In Black And White Eliminate Camera Shake:
Key 11: Your Shooting Stance
Key 12: Tripod Tips
Key 13: Use A Tripod Like A Monopod
Key 14: How To Use A Monopod
Key 15: Hands Off The Button!
Key 16: Mirror, Mirror...
Using On Camera Flash
Key 17: The Ten Foot Rule
Key 18: Intensify The Colors In Your Photos
Key 19: Eliminate "Red Eye!"
Outdoors/Landscape Photography
Key 20: Create Better Landscape Photos
Key 21: Shooting In Bad Weather
Key 22: Two Horizon Photo Tips
Key 23: More On Level Horizons
Key 24: Stunning City Skyline Photography
Key 25: Shoot Better sunset Photos
Key 26: How To Get Intense Sunset Photo Colors
Key 27: Filters To The Rescue
Key 28: The Indispensable Rubber Band
Key 29: Recovering The Ground
Key 30: Amazing Waterfalls
Key 31: Making Clouds "POP!"
Key 32: To Buy Or Not To Buy Colored Filters
Key 33: Storing Your Filters
Key 34: Using Kodak Yellow!
Key 35: Fireworks And Lightning - Part 1
Key 36: Fireworks And Lightning - Part 2
Key 37: Flowers And Spider Webs - Part 1
Key 38: Flowers And Spider Webs - Part 2
Key 39: Turn Around
Pet Portraits
Key 40: Pet Portraits - Great For Camera Mastery
Key 41: Better Pet Portraits In 3 Easy Steps
Key 42: In Pet Portraits The Ears Matter!
Key 43: Problem Animals
Portrait Photography
Key 44: Tips For Improving Your Portraits
Key 45: 2 Easy Portrait Photography Tips
Key 46: The "Photographic Ground Modification System!"
Key 47: Visually Lose Weight!
Key 48: The Ultimate Portrait Photography Tip!
Key 49: Size Matters
Key 50: Basics Of Lighting Portrait Photography




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