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Ruby Reloaded First Course
Ruby Reloaded First Course
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What you'll learn

The Ruby ecosystem and its history
Building a Ruby library (and gem) from scratch
Key differences between Ruby 1.8 and 1.9
TDD (Test Driven Development) from first principles
How to use Test::Unit and MiniTest::Spec

The "Ruby object model" in depth
Modules, classes, including and extending
Procs, blocks, closures and lambdas — and how they're all useful
Building a Web service using Sinatra
Idiomatic Ruby techniques and Ruby code style
Metaprogramming and how to implement a DSL
Enumerable and its powers
Core data structures like Arrays, Hashes, Strings, and Symbols - with approaches, techniques, and syntax you might not have encountered before
How to effectively "code walk" and analyze existing Ruby code to learn useful new techniques
A regular expressions primer — why are they useful and how can you use them well
Lots of "oh, nice!" tips and tricks along the way

Ruby Reloaded First Course

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