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Photography in the RAW: David Noton - Get Inside This Pro's Boots [NEW LINKS]
Photography in the RAW: David Noton - Get Inside This Pro's Boots
English | Duration: 100 Mins | VOB | 720x576 | 25 fps | MPEG2 6000 kbps | AC3 192 kbps | 3.92 GB
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David Noton is a professional award winning landscape and travel photographer. His first DVD called 揅hasing the light?looked at the essentials of landscape photography. This second DVD 揚hotography in the RAW?continues where the first DVD left off, and looks to improve and challenge your photography with practical examples in a variety of locations and shooting subjects.

The DVD is split into four main sections: Home patch, Interests, Foreign Adventures, Roots. Each section covers a number of different subjects including shooting at dawn, dusk, shooting infra-red, shooting a ship, shooting abroad, shooting people, fireworks, macro and capturing the moment such as interesting sights while travelling to and from a location. You can also play the whole DVD from beginning to end.

He also explains the variety of lenses used in landscape photography from extreme wide-angle, fish-eye, tilt and shift lenses, zoom, telephoto and the use of tele-convertors, and extension tubes (for macro). As well as camera techniques, such as exposure compensation, use of HDR (for extension of dynamic range, not extreme HDR ?he's not a fan), creating panoramas, different metering modes explained with recommendations, reducing lens flare, and backup procedures / memory card management.

David Noton is an interesting person to watch, with a easy to understand use of language, and the techniques and examples he demonstrates are clearly explained, with the use of live view from the actual camera when needed showing what the changes being made look like. For example when using a graduated neutral density filter, David will slide it into position using live view, and you can see on screen the effect it is having. The delivery is very good, and there are some elements of humour although they seem a little forced, and slightly unnecessary as David's content is very interesting without, and the subjects and locations are interesting and entertaining to watch.

The DVD is a great way to learn basics of landscape photography, and also answers some of the 揾ot questions?like: 揌ow important is the actual camera?? 揥hat to pack in the bag?? 揌ow to get sharp shots using a tripod?? 揌ow to use Hyper Focal distance?and 揌ow to use the histogram, for maximum tonal range and detail??- The DVD format is a great way to visually learn some of the techniques, and seeing them in action makes it very easy to learn quickly, as some of the techniques may take a lot longer to read about on the internet or from a book.

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