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Ryan Kingslien - ZSpheres 2 Learning Series ZBrush Tutorials

Ryan Kingslien - ZSpheres 2 Learning Series ZBrush Tutorials

Introduction to ZSphere2

Learn everything you need to know about the new ZSpheres in ZBrush 3.5. This 35 minute tutorial covers the fundamentals of working with ZSpheres, Adaptive Skin settings, Unified Skin settings, Classic Skinning from ZBrush 2, and a brief look at ZSketching.

Introduction to ZSketching

ZSketching is a new and powerful feature in ZBrush 3.5. This tutorial will guide you through the uses of ZSketching and get you up to speed fast. You will learn best practices as well as detailed information about how ZSketching operates and how to make it work for you. Topics covered include Sketching brushes, Smoothing brushes, Heirarchy of Strokes, Masking, Bulge, Unified Skinning, Adaptive Skinning, and Posing.

ZSketching Workflow for Character Maquettes

Follow sculptor, Ryan Kingslien, as he creates a sassy ZSketch, poses her, sculpts her and accessorizes her. This four-chapter tutorial is a working example of how to use ZSpheres and ZSketching to produce a basic model that is then sculpted using ZBrush's advanced Clay brush. Topics covered include ZSketching, Sketching brushes, Smoothing brushes, Masking, Bulge, Unified Skinning, Posing, Clay brush, Transpose, Subtools and much more.




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