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TekPub - Real-World ASP.NET MVC3 (2011)
TekPub - Real-World ASP.NET MVC3 (2011)
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Inthis advanced, somewhat-opinionated production youll get your very ownstartup off the ground using ASP.NET MVC 3. No silly demos, no adheringto high-concept to keep your ego inflated - this is high-intensity,Pressure-Driven Development to get a product out the door. Topicsinclude testing, SaaS integration, reworking Membership, sane dataaccess and walking the line between business owner and good coder.

1 - Foundations
Inthis episode we talk about what it is were doing: building our startupand getting ourselves off the ground. We take a look at the tools weregoing to need, the way well make decisions for now and into thefuture, and how well structure our site. In addition Rob applies someopinion to the way his site is setup - adding logging and IoC straightaway.

2 - Membership
In this episode Rob hooks uptesting in an effort to deal with ASP.NET Membership. The team hasdecided Membership needs to go, in favor of a simpler, token-basedmembership system that only allows one account to login per session.Along the way well plug in Mocking and see what the term Frictionreally means when dealing with FormsAuthentication.

3 - Views and Razor
Inthis episode Rob tackles the initial User Interface bits, using Razor.ASP.NET MVC 3 offers many upgrades - but perhaps the greatest is theRazor View Engine. See how Rob decides the initial UI and the works itinto Razor.

4 - Controllers and Data, Part 1
In thisepisode Rob lays out the initial database design and gets into the BigDiscussion: what data access tool are we going to use Along the way Roblooks at EF Code-first, MVC Scaffolding and some other alternatives. Inaddition to data access, Rob customizes the default project templatesto provide a bit more security.

5 - Controllers and Data, Part 2
Inthis episode Rob keeps working with data, but dives into usingjavascript on the client instead of the scaffolding approach. He plugsin jQuery and jQuery templates to create a launch page for the Vidpubadmin application.

6 - BackboneJS
In this episode wetake a detour (albeit an important one) into the world of javascript,and setup BackboneJS to work with ASP.NET MVC 3. Along the way Robcreates a Production editor that is completely powered by BackboneJS.

7 - Service Integration
Inthis episode Rob integrates external services to handle the basics ofVidpub: eCommerce, Mailers, Customer Management and Subscriptions.

8 - Reporting
Inthis episode Rob explores the reporting needs of the Vidpubapplication. Its easy to leave reporting needs to the end of thedevelopment cycle, often forgetting to put things in place until its toolate. Reporting doesnt need to be difficult - you just need to recordthe data properly, then kick up your favorite spreadsheet!

9 - Going Live
Inthis, the final episode, Rob wraps up development on the VidPub siteand goes through the birthing process from the perspective of astartup: a quickfire code review, a sanity check, hosting options,deployment, monitoring, and finally various support options. This is thefinal episode in the series.

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TekPub - Real-World ASP.NET MVC3 (2011)


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