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BBC Four - Time (Michio Kaku)

BBC Four - Time (Michio Kaku)
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String theory pioneer Michio Kaku goes on an extraordinary exploration of the world in search of time.

Episode 1 Daytime
Duration: 1 hr

Inthe opening part he asks whether time comes from within our minds andbodies or from outside He travels to Los Angeles to find fish with anextraordinarily precise sense of time, and meets a family whose bodyclocks force them to wake at 4am every day.

Michio undergoes abrain scan that reveals an area of the brain devoted to detecting thepassing of time. But can this sense be altered by fear - an experimentwhere people free-fall 100-feet backwards is undertaken to find out.Michio also meets a man who, with no memory and no sense of time, isunable to lead a normal life.

Episode 2 Lifetime
Duration: 1 hr

How long would you like to live 100 years What about 200 or even 1,000 Amazingly it could happen, as Kaku finds out.

Thegreatest power that time holds over us is that it is both limited andyet so precious. But new discoveries in nature and genetic research aresuggesting that we have the potential for a massive extension of humanlife, and one scientist believes that children already alive today couldbecome effectively immortal.

But what would immortality reallymean Culturally, we are shaped by the knowledge that our time islimited, both as people and societies. Death surrounds us in our art,monuments, and music. Change our relationship with death and everythingelse changes too.

Episode 3 Earth Time
Duration: 1 hr

Howmuch time can you imagine A hundred years A thousand Even a millionJust how far does time stretch back And where do we fit in These arethe questions Michio Kaku asks in this episode of his series about thenature of time.

From the calculations of a 17th-century Irishbishop to the secrets of meteorites, Michio finds out how vast Earthtime really is. It is a journey that takes him to the Grand Canyon, theArizona Meteor Crater and the most active volcano in the world inHawaii.

Things we see as constant are really changing throughtime - our planet, life, and even us. These time spans reveal just howinsignificant and transient we are. But Michio looks to our own journeyto suggest that there might be hope for future of humanity after all.

Episode 4 Cosmic Time

Duration: 1 hr

Welike to imagine that time is regular and eternal; the same everywhereand always. But is it Are our assumptions true or are they illusionsMichio is on a mission to reveal the true nature of time itself, ajourney that takes him from science to religion and from science fictionto philosophy.

He discovers places where time beats at differentrates, where time blurs, and even where time stands still. Michiocreates a blueprint for a scientifically accurate time machine andtackles perhaps the biggest question of all, whether time is eternal.

Hisexploration leads to a remarkable realisation. It seems that timeitself evolves and time in the distant future of the universe might beso different to the time we know now that we might not recognise it astime at all.

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BBC Four - Time (Michio Kaku)


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