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Make Great Videos on a Budget

Make Great Videos on a Budget

If you're a business owner, a freelancer or a start-up.

If you're a keen rookie, an artisan with skills to share or an ambitious manager...

If you work in education, a sports club or a non-profit...'ll already know how vital video skills are today.

Because if you can make good video quickly and easily, you'll be able to:

Attract new customers and educate them in how to use your products or services - before they even buy.
You'll be better able to keep existing customers, to educate them into getting even more value from what you sell
And you'll be able to give them the full picture of what you can really do for them.

You see, educated customers are everyone's best customers - that's because they're frequent users and buy lots of your products, they tell others how great you are and, above all, they're loyal.

And the surefire way to reach them - and nurture them - is to use video.

Not slick over-produced corporate nonsense... and not long, dull, unsteady videos that look awful and are more than likely to drive customers away.

No, we're talking about honest, quality video that features you, your staff or your customers at their very best - video that shows the human side of your operation.

This course shows you how to create such videos, how to publish them and how to promote them - without having to spend a fortune on technology.

But there's one big problem!

If your videos are not engaging, entertaining and informative, your audience will quickly turn away. That means the knowledge you have will never reach them ...never enrich their lives ...and never give you the warm glow of satisfaction in passing your skills along to others.

And that's where this course comes in

We'll show you how to make great video with minimal expense and little need for technical knowledge or complicated equipment.

This is not a course about video technology... or the latest video cameras ...or the expensive accessories that will give you the cleverest effects.

On this course, we believe it's not about buying more technology, but about learning what to do with the technology you already have. Yes, that's right! You probably have all the technology you need right there in your smartphone or tablet.

You'll find over 20 video lessons in 4 important sections:

Why you don't need much to start
How to produce videos your audience wants to see
How to edit your videos for impact and enjoyment
How to publish on YouTube (and elsewhere).

You'll also find worksheets and resources - and recommendations on the best and cheapest equipment.

What are the requirements?

This course is for complete beginners who want to explore how they can promote themselves through video. There are no requirements to start but students should at least have watched YouTube videos and have a basic idea of what they'd like to create.

What am I going to get from this course?

At the end of our course, students will be able to quickly and easily plan, record and publish quality videos without spending a fortune on technology.

What is the target audience?

The course is ideal for people who want to start using video to promote their business, freelance skills or non-profit without spending money on technology. The course is not for those who want to dive deeply into the technology of video production.
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