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Carol Look - Tapping Into Abundance - EFT

Carol Look - Tapping Into Abundance - EFT
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Discover a new optimized version of Tapping that specifically dissolves 5 limiting fears to transform your life in just minutes? Carol Look, a world-renowned energy therapist, reveals a brand new way to use Tapping to transform your career, finances and life itself. Your happiness and success is being threatened by a hidden force, right this minute. This hidden force is shaping your reality. It's even determining the level of abundance you have in your life! Try answering these questions to see if this hidden force is affecting your on or more areas of your life.

Once you start using Tapping, you'll liberate yourself from being controlled by this hidden force and start experiencing:
A stronger mindset that attracts wealth
Improved abilities to manifest
Stronger self-control to break free from damaging habits
Heightened intuition and creativity to perform better at work
A more positive self image to courageously live the life you deserve
A sustained sense of peace that comes from living in the moment
So what is this hidden force that is keeping you from experiencing your ideal life?

So what is this hidden force that is shaping your reality?
Your living reality is like a computer. See the device you're viewing this website on? In order to display it to you, the device needs to run thousands of programs, calculations and algorithms in the background. It's a complex process with a simple end result: a viewable screen.
The same goes for your reality. You're aware of what you can see and feel. But like a set of computer programs running in the background, every second of your unfolding reality is first filtered through a complex collection of beliefs in your mind - beliefs that have cemented themselves in your psyche through a lifetime of conditioning.

What did your parents and teachers tell you as a child? What kind of books, movies and music do you consume? What kind of friends do you have?
Imagine two co-workers, Jamie and Paul, are asked to relocate to an office in South Africa. Jamie comes from a family of passionate travelers. She loves adventure and new experiences, so she has a great time in her new job.
Paul, on the other hand, has never left the States. He grew up with a strict routine, which he stuck to even in his adult life. And so to him, South Africa becomes a stressful and depressing experience.
Two identical environments, two very different realities.
What was the difference?
Jamie was conditioned to feel happy and excited when traveling, while Paul is conditioned to feel unsafe and insecure in a new environment.
Their conditioning leads to belief systems that program a different reality, even in the exact same environment!

Carol Look - Tapping Into Abundance - EFT

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