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Entrepreneurship -- From Idea to Launch

Entrepreneurship -- From Idea to Launch

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Successful entrepreneurs understand that entrepreneurship is a process that can be learned and improved upon with experience. This Entrepreneurship course provides a series of lectures that can guide an aspiring entrepreneur through the steps that will greatly increase their chances for successfully turning their idea into a successful business. The Entrepreneurship Course is designed to be viewed as an overview for those who want to learn what entrepreneurship is really all about. Or, this course can can be used as a step by step manual to walk an entrepreneur through the process of launching a venture. Therefore it can be viewed over a few hours, or it can be staggered over time. So whether you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, or you are actively trying to launch a new business, this Entrepreneurship course will offer you important information that will bring you a better chance of success.

Take this ultimate Entrepreneurship Course now and learn how to become a successful entrepreneur.

What are the requirements?

A passion to become part of the entrepreneurial economy

What am I going to get from this course?

Learn what entrepreneurship is and who are typcial entrepreneurs.
Understand how opportunities for new businesses arise in the market and how to spot them
Learn how to assess the difference between an idea and a real business opporunity
Learn how to build a business model, how to test it, and how to adapt it to what the market really wants
Understand what business plans are used for and how to construct a winning plan
Gain a realistic understanding of what methods of financing make sense for your business

What is the target audience?

Entrepreneurs launching a new business
People who think they would like to become an entrepreneur, but who would first like to learn more about what entrepreneurship is all about
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