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This course will mirror the author's recently released book, End-to-End QoS Network Design, exploring various QoS designs for new applications and technologies, industry standards and platforms (with more than 10 different Cisco product families being represented throughout). Tim Szigeti will supply design recommendations and enable the viewer to confidently and successfully design and deploy QoS across their Cisco networks.

Table of Contents

Introduction to End-to-End Quality of Service Network Design LiveLessons
Lesson 1: QoS Tools Review
Learning Objectives
1.1 Classification and Marking Tools
1.2 Policing and Shaping Tools
1.3 Queuing and Dropping Tools
Lesson 2: QoS Design Principles and Design Strategies
Learning Objectives
2.1 QoS Design Principles (Best-Practices)
2.2 QoS Design Strategies
Lesson 3: Campus QoS Design
Learning Objectives
3.1 Campus QoS Design Considerations & Recommendations
3.2 Campus Access Switch (Catalyst 3750) QoS Design
3.3 Campus Distribution Switch (Catalyst 4500) QoS Design
3.4 Campus Core Switch (Catalyst 6500) QoS Design
Lesson 4: Wireless LAN QoS Design
Learning Objectives
4.1 Wireless LAN QoS Design Considerations & Recommendations
4.2 Wireless LAN Controller (Cisco 5500) QoS Design
4.3 Converged Access Wireless LAN (Catalyst 3850 and CT 5760) QoS Design
Lesson 5: Data Center QoS Design
Learning Objectives
5.1 Data Center QoS Design Considerations & Recommendations
5.2 Data Center Virtual Access Layer (Nexus 1000V) QoS Design
5.3 Data Center Access/Aggregation Layer (Nexus 5500/2000) QoS Design
5.4 Data Center Core Layer (Nexus 7000) QoS Design
Lesson 6: WAN & Branch QoS Design
Learning Objectives
6.1 WAN & Branch QoS Design Considerations & Recommendations
6.2 WAN Aggregation Router (Cisco ASR 1000) QoS Design
6.3 Branch Router (Cisco ISR G2) QoS Design
Lesson 7: MPLS VPN QoS Design
Learning Objectives
7.1 MPLS VPN QoS Design Considerations & Recommendations
7.2 Customer Edge (Cisco ASR 1000/ISR G2) QoS Design
7.3 Provider Edge Router (Cisco ASR 9000) QoS Design
7.4 Provider Core Router (Cisco CRS) QoS Design
Lesson 8: IPsec VPN QoS Design
Learning Objectives
8.1 IPsec VPN QoS Design Considerations & Recommendations
8.2 DMVPN QoS Design
8.3 GETVPN QoS Design
Summary of End-to-End Quality of Service Network Design LiveLessons

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