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Transform Your Confidence and Self-Esteem - Complete

Transform Your Confidence and Self-Esteem - Complete

Section 1: Course Introduction - Start Transforming Your Confidence and Self-Esteem Today
Lecture 1
How This Course Is Going To Help You Transform Your Entire Life!
Welcome to our course! In this lecture I will go over how this course is going to help transform your confidence and self-esteem! I show you what you are going to learn, how you are going to learn it, and how to apply it in your life! Let's get started!

Lecture 2
Important! Please Read This Before Moving Any Further In The Course!
1 page
Posting in our course discussion, taking notes, and leaving feedback is a great way to stay engaged and benefit from this course! Tell us where you are from, what you are enjoying about the course, and how I can make this course better!

Lecture 3
Would You Watch This Entire Course If I Payed You 1 Million Dollars?
Are you the type of person who finishes what they start? Would you be if I were to offer you 1 million dollars to watch this entire course? Find out more in this lecture and stay committed to your transformation to building your confidence and self-esteem

Lecture 4
Course Structure - Find Out How to Use This Course and What it Has To Offer You!
In this lecture students will learn the course structure and what this course has to offer them. It is important to get the big picture before diving into the remainer of the course. This lecture helps stduents understand whats to come in the course!

Lecture 5
Course Benefits and Course Structure Follow Along Guide
12 pages
Lecture 6
Put Your Whole Self In! Stop Doing The "Hokey Pokey"
In order to transform your confidence and self-esteem you have to put your whole self in! Watch as I literally dive into this course with you in our first lecture! Stop doing the "Hokey Pokey!"

Section 2: What is Confidence and Self-Esteem?
Lecture 7
What is Confidence and Self-Esteem?
Before we move any further in the course it is essentail that we define confidence and self-esteem. In this lecture we will define confidence and self-esteem and use these definiations throughout our course!

Lecture 8
Knowing Why Is More Important Than Knowing How
What is even more important than knowing "how to build your confidence and self-esteem" is "Why you want to build your confidence and self-esteem!". Find our more about your "why" in this lecture before moving any further in the course!

2 questions
Our first quiz in this course

Section 3: The Transformation Mindset - How To Get The Most From This Course
Lecture 9
Developing Your Confidence and Self-Esteem With the Fixed vs. Growth Mindset
Lecture 10
It's Not About "How" - It's About Who You Need to Become! Transform Yourself!
In this lecture students will learn its not about how but who you need to become to transform your confidence and self-esteem!

Lecture 11
Having Goals and A Burning Desire Boosts Confidence and Self-Esteem
Lecture 12
Learn How To Assert Yourself and Dominate Any Social Situation Today!
In this lecture students will learn about dominance and how to assert themselves in any social situation.

Lecture 13
High Self-Esteem and Confident Individuals Live in Abundance! So Can you...
In this lecture students will learn how to develop a mindset of abundance and how to stop limiting their beliefs. This will help them boost their confidence and self-esteem.

Lecture 14
Stop Hoarding and Start Giving! Start Living in Abundance Today!
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