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$10 Time Bombs - Dr. Ben Adkins

$10 Time Bombs - Dr. Ben Adkins

This is it...
In just a few hours we're closing....

Over the past couple of days I've
been talking your ear off about why
I believe Selling Digital Products is
the Best Business Model on the Planet.

I literally say his to my wife all the time:

"Kelli, We are So Lucky we Figured out how to Create Income by Solving People's Problems on The Internet".

I mean... On Paper I Look Crazy:

I went to school for 8 years to become a Doctor of Chiropractic.
I left an extremely successful Chiropractic Practice... to work at home.
I once moved out of a town that I loved because I needed better internet access.
I shunned what the world told me was "responsible" because of the business that I had discovered.

And why did I turn my back on what
Society told me was the path to success?

Simple... Because I found a better Path.

And it was all because I Learned how to Package Up Information that helps people into a digital format, and sell it online.

But here's something I realize.
You may think that selling digital
products online involves a ton of
complication and cost.

It doesn't.

As a matter of fact I strongly encourage
you to not use any of the following when
selling digital products until you've made
your first $100,000 selling them.

Do Not Use These to Build a Digital Business:
(until you've hit $100k in Revenue)

Membership Softwares
These are a complete waste to time at first.

Facebook Ads
I love FB Ads but not the easiest or cheapest way to get in front of buyers.

Elaborate Sales Pages.
Keep them Simple.

Complicated Sales Funnels.
These are great but only once you know you can sell your front end product. Why waste time on them until you have a low end product to sell.

High Ticket Products.
Its no wonder that even the big guys out there still use low ticket products to get people's attention.

This is simple.
If you've got $10 to spare, I'm going to show you how I would make my first $1000 online... even if you took away every resource I currently have.

You can do this even if you've never made a dime on the internet before.

Don't believe me...
Totally cool... That's what my 60 Day Refund Policy is for.

That said... Enrollment closes tonight.
We sold out earlier this morning but I opened up 50 more seats for those that were gone over the weekend.

But... If you miss out on this. No Exceptions
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