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The Fat Summit Videos (2016)

The Fat Summit Videos (2016)

DAY 1: Monday, January 25

Deepak Chopra, MD
Changing Your Gene Expression
What You'll Learn -
The gene/food connection
Spirituality and its impact on health and brain consciousness
The ayurvedic approach to diet

Marc David
Body/Mind Nutrition and The Slowdown Diet
What You'll Learn -
The impact of body image on health
Unconscious behaviors that affect your body image and relationship to food
The slowdown diet for health and weight loss

Chris Kresser, MS, LAc
Personalized Paleo
What You'll Learn -
How to make paleo work for you
When high-fat diets aren't a good idea
How to safeguard your gut microbiome

Aseem Malhotra, MD
An Epidemic of Misinformation
What You'll Learn -
The real drivers of heart disease
Why all calories are NOT created equal
The dangers of statins

DAY 2: Tuesday, January 26

Vani Hari
The Food Babe Takes on Fat
What You'll Learn -
The shocking reason Millennials will weigh more than Baby Boomers (eating the same number of calories)
How MSG and other food additives "hijack" your brain into thinking you're still hungry
3 ingredients to remove from your diet to dramatically improve your health

Nick Ortner
The Psychology of Fat and Food Fear
What You'll Learn -
Overcoming negative beliefs and fear around food
Tapping for weight loss
A simple tapping exercise you can try at home

Pedram Shojai, OMD
Finding Balance Being an Urban Monk
What You'll Learn -
Stress management tips from an Urban Monk
Eating for Energy - how to optimize your energy through the food you eat
Creating balance in the "garden" of your life

Gary Taubes
What If It's All a Big, Fat Lie?
What You'll Learn -
The flawed "science" behind American dietary guidelines
The truth about good vs. bad calories
Can high-fat diets cure heart disease?

David Ludwig, MD, PhD
The Biology of Obesity
What You'll Learn -
The real reason people overeat
The link between diet and most chronic health conditions
How to get biology to work on your side

DAY 3: Wednesday, January 27

David Perlmutter, MD
The Brain on Fat
What You'll Learn -
The myth of the "magic pill" - and what it really takes to cure chronic disease
The link between Alzheimer's and the food you eat
How grass-fed vs. grain-fed beef breaks down in your body

Ocean & John Robbins
Fat and The Food Revolution
What You'll Learn -
Why they left a family legacy to create a food revolution
The Calcium Myth - what's really in your milk?
The link between food, environmental toxins and autism

Joel Fuhrman, MD
Reversing Disease with Food
What You'll Learn -
Why nutrients matter more than calories
Simple tips for healing diabetes and heart disease naturally
Nuts vs. oils - which is a better source of dietary fat?

Josh Axe, DC
Food As Medicine
What You'll Learn -
What a truly heart-healthy diet looks like
The skinny on saturated and unsaturated fat
Practical tips for healing leaky gut

Walter C. Willett, MD
The Science of Diet & Disease
What You'll Learn -
The research on red meat (does "grass fed" really make a difference?)
Are Omega 6's really bad for you?
The optimal balance of Omega 3:6

DAY 4: Thursday, January 28

Christiane Northrup, MD
How to Eat Like an Ageless Goddess
What You'll Learn -
Women's evolving relationship with food
The link between inflammation and disease
Chronological age vs. biological age

Congressman Tim Ryan
Food Policy and Activism: An Inside Look
What You'll Learn -
The problem with commercial farming (and what we can do about it)
The truth about food industry practices
Everyday activism: simple ways to get involved

Dean Ornish, MD
The Astonishing Power of Lifestyle Medicine
What You'll Learn -
How lifestyle medicine can reverse chronic disease (especially heart disease)
Simple tips for stress management
Personalizing medicine and diet with the Spectrum approach

Pilar Gerasimo
The Media-Savvy Consumer's Guide to Fat
What You'll Learn -
How the mass media spreads lies about food, fat, and health
How to defend yourself as a media consumer
The art of being healthy in an unhealthy world

DAY 5: Friday, January 29

Daniel Amen, MD
Fat and Brain Health
What You'll Learn -
The role of fat in brain health
Superfoods that nourish your brain
How healthy fats combat food cravings

Jeffrey Bland, MD
Functional Medicine Takes on Fat
What You'll Learn -
What Functional Medicine says about fat
The truth about statins
Healthy vs. unhealthy oils

Michael F. Roizen, MD
The Meat Controversy
What You'll Learn -
TMAO (trimethylamine N-oxide) - what it is and why it's harmful
The red meat controversy
Gut health (keep your TMAO)

Nina Teicholz
How Did We Get Into This Big Fat Mess?
What You'll Learn -
Consequences of removing fat from your diet
The story behind dietary cholesterol
How the food industry contributes to the mess!

DAY 6: Saturday, January 30

Dave Asprey
How to Be "Bulletproof"
What You'll Learn -
Biohacking your own biology
Why low fat diets don't work
MCT oil for weight loss, memory and the gut

Heather White
The Truth About Toxins
What You'll Learn -
The connection between toxins and weight gain
Is eating meat toxic for your body?
How to find non-toxic cosmetics

Carrie Diulus, MD & Joe Cross
From Fat & Sick to Slim and Thriving
What You'll Learn -
The story behind "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead"
Is juicing good for everyone?
An anti-inflammatory approach to food

Barry Sears, PhD
Fat Is The Key To Your Future
What You'll Learn -
The dangers of inflammation and chronic disease
How to alter your gene expression with an anti-inflammatory diet
The Food-Hormone connection

DAY 7: Sunday, January 31

JJ Virgin
Sugar vs. Fat for Health & Weight Loss
What You'll Learn -
Why eating more fat (and less sugar) actually leads to weight loss
The best and worst foods for fat burning
The role of fat in training and sports performance

Ronald Krauss, MD
The Role of Genetics in Diet
What You'll Learn -
Determining what diet is best for YOU - do genetics play a role?
One simple dietary shift that can have a massive impact on your health
How fats interact with other food (and why it matters for your health)

Alexandra Jamieson
The Root Cause of Your Cravings
What You'll Learn -
How your cravings can actually guide you to better health
The importance of coconut oil for hormones
How good fats help you heal

Neal D. Barnard, MD
A Plant-Based Approach to Fat
What You'll Learn -
Benefits of a plant-based diet
Lowering your glycemic load as a vegan/vegetarian
Dairy for kids - is it needed?
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