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The Evolution of Medicine Summit (2015)

The Evolution of Medicine Summit (2015)

The theme of this year's event (our second Evolution of Medicine Summit!) is "Healthcare from Scratch." But, what does that mean for you? Today, our healthcare system works well when you have an emergency, but to treat chronic illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer, we need to reinvent healthcare to help you live longer, happier and healthier lives.

With 30+ presentations that give you information to effectively prevent and manage chronic disease, we'll discuss:

Our current health system and its limitations (plus, alternatives you can access!)
How to take advantage of health technology
Share our vision for an empowered, proactive and participatory healthcare system
Preventing chronic disease and taking control of your health today!

It will take all of us, both patients and practitioners, to create a medical system that truly works for chronic disease. Join me at The Evolution of Medicine Summit!


DAY 1: Monday, September 21

1. Rangan Chatterjee, MD - The Doctor of the Future
Why the "super-generalist" is the new specialist
How evolved medicine will be delivered in the medical system
Best strategies for creating and maintaining health

2. Pedram Shojai, OMD - Cultivating Health in a Modern World
Simple steps for you to reduce stress and improve health
Learn to be an "Urban Monk" in a stressful world
Why businesses hold the key to accelerating medical evolution

3. Marc David, MA - The Psychology of Eating
Why what you eat isn't the biggest leverage point for health
How to get in the right mindset for improving health
Insights on the the role of coaching in "healthcare from scratch"

4. Dallas Hartwig, MS, PT - The Power of Community to Transform Healthcare
Importance of your tribe in creating and maintaining health
Why technology is a double-edged sword for community
Why vulnerability is necessary for true connection and healing

5. Eric Zielinski, DC, MPH(c) - The Power of Essential Oils in Healthcare
The powerful promise of essential oils in public health
Ancient solutions to the current problems of antibiotic resistance
Personal responsibility as the foundation of "healthcare from scratch"

DAY 2: Tuesday, September 22

1. Alisa Vitti, HHC - Food, Hormones and Women's Health from Scratch
Foods that form the basis of healthy hormone balance
What Alisa has learned from helping women in more than 200 countries
What to look for in a relationship with your OB/GYN

2. Suzanne Somers - What is making Your TOX-SICK
Understanding the environmental factors that can make you ill
What Suzanne learned from interviewing top environmental doctors
Simple steps for any family to avoid environmental illness

3. Deanna Minich, PhD - The Power of Community Health
How socio-genomics connects community to internal chemistry
Why a physical detox can lead to interpersonal changes
Deanna's fascinating insight on the future of "community" in health

4. Adiel Tel-Oren, MD, DC - Healthy Skin from Scratch
The profound connection between gut and skin health
"Healthy" foods that can cause skin issues
How to recognize skin issues before they become chronic

5. Tosca Reno - Catalyzing Incredible Health
Easy steps to find your "why" to inspire motivation for health
Functional Fitness: the difference between performance and health
How to effectively spread the message of health

DAY 3: Wednesday, September 23

1. Tom O'Bryan, DC - The Root of Autoimmunity
Why autoimmunity is the most underestimated health issue of our time
Key role of the gut in creating or reversing autoimmunity
Impact of delivering gut health at primary care

2. Donna Gates, MEd, ABAAHP - Microbes, Fermentation and Ecological Medicine
The greatest leverage point for keeping yourselves and family healthy
Creative strategies to create and maintain excellent gut health
Why "healthcare from scratch" must take an ecological viewpoint

3. Steven Wright - (De-) Engineering Leaky Gut
Physiology of "leaky gut" and how to fix it
Why underestimating the body's ability to self-repair costs us all
An engineer's perspective on building "health from scratch"

4. Andrea Nakayama, CNC, CNE - Unlocking Long-Term Digestive Health
The "lock and key" approach to solving digestive disorders
Why understanding your internal physiology is key to long-term health
The power of story and analogy for health education and participation

5. Izabella Wentz, PharmD - The Gut / Thyroid Connection
Why many thyroid conditions, especially Hashimoto's, are rooted in the gut
The advanced testing you must ask for to understand the root cause
Why an informed and empowered patient is the center of evolved health

DAY 4: Thursday, September 24

1. Steven Masley, MD - Heart Disease Care from Scratch
Emerging best practices for preventing heart disease
How to predict if you can live to 100 without disease
How technology can massively reduce our costs

2. Hyla Cass, MD - Mental Healthcare from Scratch
Simple lifestyle steps to prevent the manifestation of mental illness
How "leaky brain" is a key driver of brain health (and how to fix it)
The key role of family and community in effective healthcare

3. Brian Mowll, DC, IFMCP - Diabetes Care from Scratch
What You'll Learn -
Easy starting points to prevent and reverse pre-diabetes
The best free resources for patients and families to create change
What diabetes teaches us about building effective "healthcare from scratch"
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