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WP Profit Triggers

WP Profit Triggers

Marketing Automation Software Generates $3,156 With A Simple Tweak - No Additional Traffic Needed

Take your websites to the next level with our behaviour targetted
Marketing Automation Software to boost your Lead Generation and Sales!

Our Last Campaign Generated $3,000+ Additional With Profit Triggers Based Retargeting

Instant Lead Generation On Your Website: Look.

Profit Triggers is first of its kind marketing automation tool that not only collects analytics for you, but goes beyond to automate your marketing! Including retargeting segmentation, targeted popups, smart trigger redirects and more!

4 Reasons Why Profit Triggers Will Skyrocket Your Results.

Unlimited Retargeting: Segment your visitors into different retargeting lists based on their behavior

Create Beautiful Popups: Show targeted offers based on what your users do on the web!

Targeted Exit-Popups: Don't annoy people with exit-popups. Target specific visitors only!

Smart Trigger Redirects: If you know your funnel works - automatically redirect people to money-making pages.

Internet Marketers Love Profit Triggers
Ankur Testimonial

First Of Its Kind Marketing Automation Solution That Distributes Traffic Based On:

Country Of Origin

Time Spent On Site

Scroll % On Page

Current Date

Number of Visits

Adapt Your Website Dynamically.

Using our "Proprietary Marketing Automation Technology"

Hey - Neil Napier here!

Hi and welcome to Profit Triggers.

My name is Neil Napier and in the next 5 minutes, I'll show you a MIND BLOWING way to OPTIMIZE your site WITHOUT lifting your finger or working hard!

This is as simple as it gets - trust me!

Let me ask you a few questions first.

Do you KNOW who visits your websites?
Do you KNOW that you lose 80% of these people in 3 seconds?
Do you KNOW how to squeeze MORE out of your traffic so make 75% MORE?

ANSWER: of course you want to squeeze more juice from your traffic!

If we accept the inarguable fact that we can't know everything about our customers, and all customers are different - we can move forward confidentially!

Unless you personally talk to 100s of website visitors - you would have no idea why they didn't optin to your list, why they didn't purchase from you - or why they won't ever come back!

Truth is - this simple formula has made us MORE money than anything else till now:

Understanding User Behavior + Adapting Your Site = MONEY!

Optimizing Your Site To Traffic - Are You Doing This?

I would guess - probably not!

While optimizing your site based on what the traffic wants is what you should be doing, I am guessing you are not doing it.

And why?

Because it takes too long!

I agree.

Last I checked - this is what the traffic profile on our site looked like:[analytics image showing traffic from many countries + devices + time on site etc - something cool]

If I am to REALLY squeeze out MORE from my traffic.I should create:

Different retargeting lists

Different popups & email lists

Different Exit Offers

But alas, I can't!

This is just TOO much effort.

I don't have time for that.

Do you?
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