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Unity 5 2D: Combat in an RPG Game with Jesse Freeman
Unity 5 2D: Combat in an RPG Game with Jesse Freeman
Intermediate | 2h 11m | 433 MB | Project Files | Software used: Unity

The hallmark of any popular RPG game is combat. Building on the lessons in the rest of the Unity 5 2D series, these tutorials show how to build simple turn-based combat like you would experience in classic RPGs. In the Movement in an RPG Game course, you learned how to move a player in a 2D tile-based map. Here youll program, trigger, and manage random battles on the map. Author Jesse Freeman shows how to create pop-up battle ShiChuang, add monsters, and create player and monster attack actionsincluding evasive maneuvers.
When the battle is over, youll learn to reward the player and clean up for future moves.

Topics include:
- Preparing the user interface
- Creating game and message ShiChuang
- Building a battle window
- Adding a monster and action buttons
- Creating an actor class
- Adding player and monster attack actions
- Triggering battles from the map
- Ending a battle
- Cleaning up the battle and attack systems
- Rewarding the player

Skill Level Intermediate
Duration 2h 11m

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Tags: Combat, Freeman

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