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The Worm Guard - Limited Edition DVD
Keenan Cornelius - The Worm Guard
7xDVDRip | AVI/XviD, ~500 kb/s | 720x404 | Duration: 03:31:06 | English: MP3, 128 kb/s (2 ch) | 884 MB
Genre: Sport, Self-defense, Fighting

The master of the Worm Guard has worked on this thorough DVD set for you, the aspiring Worm Master.
In this 2 DISK SET you will own over an hour and a half of pure unadulterated Worm Guard content, but because Keenan wants you to be totally happy with his first self-made DVD Set ever, hes going to be giving you a bunch of free bonus content!

The Worm Guard DVD has over Forty Techniques:
- Lapel Guard Intro and Concepts
- X Marks the Spot - Lapel Sweep
- The Meat Hook Back Attack - Lapel Sweep
- Lapeloplata to the Back
- The Crystal Geyser Elevation Attack
- Setting up the Basic Worm Guard
- Worm Guard Tilt Sweep
- Worm Guard Standing Base Sweep
- Flying Worm Back Attack
- Transitioning to Ringworm Guard
- Ringworm Elbow Cracker Sweep
- Elbow Cracker to Back Take
- Ringworm Shooting Star Sweep
- Ringworm Flying Circus Sweep
- Transitioning to Reverse Dela Worm Guard
- The Wormnado
- The Botfly Back Attack
- The Dust Devil Back Attack
- The Mysterious-Allure Fourth Worm Position
- Sweeping From the Fourth Position
- After-Sweeping Dismount Guard Pass
- Using the Mega Worm as an Alternative
- Quick Entry into MEGA WORM
- MEGA Worm Competition Entry
- Lasso Worm Entry
- Pulling Worm From Standing
- Left Hook Ringworm Setup
- Sweeping to Mount From Worm
- Ringworm Guard Pass
- Worm Grip From Top - To Back Take
- RVDLWG Sweep To Back Take
- Wormbar
- Worm Triangle
- Toe Hold From Worm
- Worm Guard Kneebar
- Worm Guard Calf-Slicer
- Wormoplata
- Wormbolo
- Beating the Leg Step Defense From Worm Guard
- Beating the Defense From Ringworm Guard
- Beating the Defense From RVDLWG


The Worm Guard - Limited Edition DVD

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