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How to Partner with Amazon to Create an Instant Stream of Monthly Recurring Revenue

Ty Cohen - How to Partner with Amazon to Create an Instant Stream of Monthly Recurring Revenue

Grew up in Father Panik village housing project during the days of crack cocaine and heroin

Most of his old friends are either dead or in jail

Born with sickle cell anemia wasn't expected to live past age 17

2 hip replacements one at age 20

Had to relearn how to use his arm

Sister died of sickle cell anemia when he was 12

Did a bunch of bad things as a kid and went on a self destructive path.

Started carrying two guns on him as a teenager

Didn't think much of his life until two very important events took place

A book by Les Brown changed his life.

Amazon kindle publishing

Now travels the world with his family

Now has 2 app companies on top of his Amazon publishing business

You need to cut out the distractions get focused before you try other things

7 billion devices support Amazon kindle

Amanda Hocking over $2 million

Stephen Leather 2K eBooks a day

John Locke first person to sell 1 million titles in a year

It's a real business

You are partnering with multi billion dollar brand

System that's easier to make money with month after month

You need to pick a market that wants to buy products

Price ebooks so they generate the most profit $2.99 to $9.99 pay 70% royalty

Sell them an ebook get them on your mailing list and sell them other products

You can make more money selling ebooks on amazon in a month than you can selling regular products in a year

Don't have to drive traffic

2 step process

A little bit of research to find an idea

$100 to start

Desire to repeat process - each ebook is a passive income stream

3 step process

Step 1 Google keyword planner - to find hot topic and killer title

Search term

All locations, all languages, google and search partners

Focus on terms that get 10k to 100k average monthly searches you can add the ones that are tightly related

If it's more than 100K it's too big, less than 10K not enough potential

If you do the work make sure it isn't a fad or seasonal focus on evergreen

Use this to come up with titles - Meaning of Dreams and Dreams and Their Meanings

If you craft titles correctly you increase odds of rank in Amazon and Google

Double and triple your sales with the right titles

Women buy most of the eBooks on amazon - make the title descriptive what they will learn/get out of it

eCover needs to stand out - men pay more attention to this

Description of your book is also very important - what we will learn, who are the characters

The title, ecover and description are more important than the content. Don't publish garbage but it needs to sell

Use "How to" How to stain your deck like a professional vs Learn to stain your deck - 1st one will sell better

Quickest way

Fastest way

Easy ways to

Tips to

Take how to *topic* into google keyword planner i.e. how to garden

After you research create the content

Get someone else to write for you should cost $100-$125 99%+ books that Ty has done he's done it this way. Most of them he hires via tell them the subject and give them a little bit of research and show them some physical books that are selling well. eBook reviews can give you a ton of information. Model don't plagiarize. 25-35 pages approx. 400 words a page no wider than 1.5 inch margins 10 pt font Times New Roman. Index. Summary 1 to 1.5 paragraph Doesn't include images in book

Speak it

Write it yourself

Keep reinvesting in your books

Step 3 upload your books

On average around $500 a month in sales per book

Do the work once and your books keep selling

It grows month after month

How do you format a book?


Do you use your own name?

No, use different names for each niche
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