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New to Excel? You'll learn everything you need to know to become a productive user and impress your boss and colleagues.

Created: 06/07/2016

Last updated: 07/08/2016

Why Excel?

Excel, along with Word, is the most used software in the office workspace. Therefore, it is required for nearly every job nowadays. I've personally used it in every single one of my jobs, either as an engineer, as a consultant or even in my personal projects when I work at home.

Why this course?

This course starts from the very basic and teaches you everything you need to know for most office jobs, going directly to the point. There is no time wasted in unnecessary chatter to make the course longer than it actually needs to be. So if you want to learn Excel properly and you want to learn it fast, you came to the right place.

This program is very powerful and lets the user access to thousands of commands, but I will go through the most important ones. I barely ever needed to use any commands other than the ones taught here.

Excel Made Easy for Absolute Beginners (2016)

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