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Janet Evanovich - How I Write

Janet Evanovich - How I Write

Janet Evanovich shares valuable writing tips in her first non-fiction book.

How she comes up with such remarkable characters
Techniques on revising and editing
How she finds out insider details
Just how she sets up plots
What the life of a full-time writer is really like
What she'd tell an aspiring author about the publishing industry
Tips on building a web site
Query letter for One For the Money
And much, much more!

This book was put together from the writing Q&A, with the help of Ina Yalof. It is a collection of the most frequently asked questions about the writing process, how to get published and what Janet's life is like.

Three people are actually responsible for writing this book. Alex, my webmaster daughter, is the third author. When asked if she preferred the money or the glory, there wasn't a contest, so for design purposes Alex's name isn't on the cover. Bad enough we had to fit Evanovich on once, much less twice!

Alex constructed my website in 1996, and in 1997 she instituted the writing Q&A. This book is based on those archived questions and answers. So I suppose I've been writing this book for almost ten years. Alex and Ina put the book together, Ina added some of her own expertise, and SuperJen Enderlin edited the book for St. Martin's Press.

The title of the book is How I Write, and the bulk of the information here is from my personal experience. Ina adds her two cents occasionally but, as an educator and nonfiction writer, she writes from an entirely different perspective. I haven't attempted to produce the definitive book on creative novel writing. I'm simply passing on what works for me. This is how I write. And these are the answers to the questions I've been asked over the years.

We've inserted writing examples throughout the book, and all those examples have been pulled from my Stephanie Plum series. Okay, so it's a little narcissistic. Well, heck, you didn't think I was going to use examples from Sue Grafton, did you?

Bottom line is we had a lot of fun putting this together for you, and we hope you have fun reading it. And if you learn something. hooray! Icing on the cake.
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