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Photos for OS X: Extensions for Local Adjustments with Derrick Story
Photos for OS X: Extensions for Local Adjustments with Derrick Story
Intermediate | 1h 52m | 1.44 GB | Project Files | Software used: Apple Photos

Included with Mac OS X, Photos is a well-rounded application for managing, enhancing, and sharing photos. But theres room to grow, and thats where editing extensions come in. These software add-ons plug right in to Photos for Mac OS X and add new capabilities, from special color effects to sophisticated retouching.
In this course, photographer, author, and educator Derrick Story demonstrates his favorite editing extensions for performing local adjustments. These tools round out what already exists in Photos, providing the photographer with a complete image editing toolbox. Step-by-step, he selects an image from the library, explains how he wants to change it, and then chooses the appropriate editing extension to complete the job.

Topics include:
- How extensions for Photos work
- Applying color effects with Color Filters for Photos
- Split-toning an image with the Tonality extension
- Creating a black-and-white image with Tonality
- Retouching a portrait with Snapheal
- Using external editors like Photoshop with Photos

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Tags: Photos, Extensions, Adjustments, Derrick

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