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SINN - Complete Day Game From A to Z Mastery Program

SINN - Complete Day Game From A to Z Mastery Program

Day Game Mastery Core Materials

All of the core materials are designed to thoroughly explain my entire day game system. They break down everything you could possibly want to know about meeting women in the day time and ending up with them naked in your bed, starting with what to before you approach and then moving on to approaching, creating attraction, get phone numbers, setting up dates and beyond.

The program includes manuals, audios, DVDs and other reference material. Additionally, since all of the materials are hard copies, you'll be able to easily refer to them time and time again. Be on the lookout for a BIG box. Hopefully the package courier doesn't throw his back out.

Here is a breakdown of the Day Game Mastery Core Components:

1) DVD and CD Recordings of my legendary Day Game Seminar

The core the program is DVD recordings of my legendary $997 Day Game Seminar. I taught the first ever Day Game seminar over three years ago. After that, I spent A LOT of time and energy tweaking and testing the various Day Game techniques and strategies.

Then, late last year I got the entire thing recorded. These recordings are the first and LAST word on Day Game. Period. Watch my entire Day Game System come to life when you watch these DVDs. You'll get EVERY strategy of my entire system in painstaking detail.

Audio CDs are also included for listening at home, at the gym, in the car of even on your ipod/iphone. It's just like sitting in on the $997 per person Day Game Seminar!

2) The Day Game from A to Z Master Manual

This giant Manual will provide all the information you need to apply the material quickly. It breaks down each component of the Day Game system for fast and easy reference.

3) Live Infield Footage!

That's right. You get an entire DVD of FOUR separate Day Time approaches that I did along with DETAILED breakdowns of everything.

Infield footage truly is one of the best learning tools for game there is and your game will automatically improve just by watching what I do and seeing the breakdowns.

With this DVD, you'll see me do direct approaches, indirect approaches, breeze through attraction and comfort, set up dates and get solid phone numbers.

It's very cool because this is where the information in the seminar DVDs really comes to life and you'll then be able to quickly and easily apply this information the next time YOU go out and talk to girls. This end result is that you'll get serious results FAST!

Plus, you will receive these 8 Special Bonuses

Special Bonus #1: A Special Module on how to overcome Approach Anxiety. I know that you may have trouble with approach anxiety. If so, don't worry, we got you covered. I recorded a special online video training session that shows you how to conquer approach anxiety once and for all. A $97 value.

Special Bonus #2: The Inner Game Report: How to Think Like A Ladies Man. This special report goes into details on the exact thought processes that separate people that are successful with women from those that aren't. This is NEW stuff that I've never shared before. A $47.00 value

Special Bonus #3: Trouble Shooting Day Game audio CD. A few weeks ago, I sent out the survey and asked everyone what your biggest questions were regarding Day Game. I went through your answers and recorded a special CD based on your feedback. If there were any questions that were NOT covered on the seminar DVDs, you can be assured that we covered them here. A $127.00 value.

Special Bonus #4: Audio Interview with Vin Dicarlo on Same Day Lays. Would you like to meet a girl and get here in bed that SAME day? You'll find out how in this interview. It's packed with very specific step-by-step strategies. A $97.00 value.

Special Bonus #5: Audio interview with Doc Holiday on how to master direct day game. Doc Holiday is a true master of Day Game. He reveals his secrets on direct-style Day Game in this exclusive interview. A $97 value.

Special Bonus #6: How to master the instant date audio CD. Instant dates are one of the keys to day game success. This special CD will show you exactly how to master the instant date. A $97 value.

Special Bonus #7: The Lay Reports Books - Limited Day Game Edition. You also get a special limited edition of my groundbreaking Lay Reports Books which has an updated section on Day Game and THREE brand new Day Game lay reports (they all occurred within the last three months).

Special Bonus #8: TWO Months Free Membership to Sinn's Inner Circle. In Sinn's Inner Circle, each month you're going to gete a monthly audio CD that goes in depth on a particular, crucial topic. You're not only going to get a CD delivered to you every month, you're also going to get a transcript of the CD and my award-winning "Skill-set-Inner Game/Lifestyle printed newsletter.

Not only that, but you also get access to the Sinn's Inner Circle private forum where you can share ideas, post field reports, and get feedback from me and my highly trained instructors on your game.

You'll get access to me via open call in days. Throughout the year, I'll set aside significant blocks of time only for Sinn's Inner Circle Members. You'll get a private call-in number where you can contact me directly and I'll personally answer any questions you have.

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