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Become A Living God - Mastering Evocation [19 MP4 - 1 PDF]

Become A Living God - Mastering Evocation [19 MP4 - 1 PDF]

Dear Friend,

I have some important questions for you. Be honest with yourself as you answer them...

Are you terrified of evoking a demon, because you're afraid it could hurt you?
Have you ever wanted to evoke an angel, but felt nervous that you'd make a beginner's mistake and anger the spirit?
Are you intimidated by the ridiculously complicated rituals inside most grimoires?
Have you tried evocation, but never saw or heard the entity... and you felt skeptical about whether the spirit even showed up?
Are you at the point where you've had such negative experiences with evocation that you're about ready to just give up?

The truth is, I already know you said YES to some of my questions.


Because every highly successful evocator I know had these EXACT experiences.

Out of all the topics inside the world of magick and the occult, evocation has suffered the most misinformation, superstition, and fear-mongering.

So if you're struggling just to get BASIC success with evocation, then I have exciting news for you... you're normal!
I Unveil The Holy Grail Of Evocation

I discovered an extremely valuable secret, that annihilates conventional occult wisdom.

Through years of personally showing thousands of magicians how to go from novice to magus with evocation, I'm convinced that the art of summoning spirits has an exponential learning curve.

In other words, the more you do it, the better your results get.

This obvious truth goes against the traditional belief that only magicians from special bloodlines can perform evocation.

In my experience, it's NOT a matter of genes. It's a matter of PRACTICE.

There's a certain transformation of consciousness you NEED to undergo in ritual to finally awaken your omnipotent power, evoke spirits to physical appearance, and cause change according to your will.

This "Transfiguration of Consciousness" is the veritable Holy Grail of evocation, because it forever unlocks your power to summon spirits at will.
The Quest For Omnipotence... The Godlike Power To Manifest Anything, Anytime

Evocation is the most practical of the 3 Godlike Powers of Magick, which are divination, evocation and soul travel.

It's the occult skill you can immediately apply in the real world to dramatically improve the quality of your life.

By mastering evocation, you get OMNIPOTENCE. You'll literally have the power to summon spirits who can help fulfill every material and spiritual desire you've ever had.

Furthermore, these angels and demons will continue guiding you toward success in life, while steering you away from tragedy, without you knowing.

Spirits are SOUL MATES.

Over time, your bonds with these supernatural superbeings will strengthen, to the point where they know your every thought, emotion, aspiration, and fear, without you uttering a word. Eventually, you'll establish a clear channel of telepathy through which they'll provide clairvoyant visions, verbal advice, and spiritual companionship.

Evocation is not a game. It's a way of life. You're summoning spirits to accelerate your Magick Ascent.

Hearkening back to the genie in a bottle legend, your immortal friends will grant your wishes, because it's in their nature to help you on your Journey to Godhood.

Evocation brings childhood mythology to life, and delivers shockingly powerful results in a short time.
How To Perform The Transfiguration Of Consciousness To Experience Full Blown Evocations

I've perfected the art of summoning spirits in the last 20 years. I operated my first evocation as a teenager, and now in adulthood I can evoke anyone and anything... angels, demons, gods, dead humans, living humans, physical objects, animals, and more.

I'm comfortable stating I've truly mastered evocation, in all it's various forms.

But I was NOT always this way.

At first, I sucked. Very few books existed on the subject, and none of my local occult teachers actually practiced it. (In fact, they warned me against it)

I had to "figure it out" on my own through trial and error.

As I achieved direct contact with these alien beings, I began experiencing dramatically altered states of consciousness that no authors ever mentioned.
Mastering Evocation

I started documenting my unique encounters in books, and through writing I recognized a pattern in my rituals.

I call it the Transfiguration of Consciousness. It's the exact series of states you undergo to experience a full blown physical evocation.

1. The Theta-Gamma Sync

This deep theta state initiates all magick workings, and quiets your mind into a concentrated awareness, to receive astral impressions.

2. The Full Rapture

Proceeding with the evocation automatically launches you into a state of full rapture that envelopes your consciousness to the point of losing control.

At peak vulnerability, you suddenly pass through a vortex and find yourself relocated.

3. The Crossroads

You instantly regain consciousness in a borderland place, in between worlds, standing face to face with your summoned entity.

You're now in a secret space, where you'll conduct your affairs.

This Transfiguration of Consciousness is the Holy Grail of evocation, because it brings the ritual to life.
Watch Me Demonstrate Live Evocations Of Real Spirits, So You Can Replicate My Precise Behavior And Get MASSIVE Success

In response to the insane fear-mongering, intense confusion, and frustration that so many magicians endure, I've decided to create a comprehensive, all-in-one solution that will help ABSOLUTELY ANYONE succeed with spirit summoning, binding, and possession in record time.

My all-new program, Mastering Evocation: Omnipotence, is a true masterclass on the fine art of spirit working. In it, I show you how to remove ENTIRE YEARS off your learning curve, and immediately harness the power of spirits to ignite quick and lasting change in your life.

Right from the start, I give you the most effective and original rituals in the world. Every technique, tool, and rite you're going to learn inside this training program WORKS. I've completely eliminated any half-ass nonsense. This is 100% PURE GOLD.

I lead you from evoking your first entity, to trapping and binding spirits, to experiencing a demonic possession, if you're bold enough. Also, I reveal how to perform multiple evocations, and how to command ENTIRE LEGIONS at once.

And for the FIRST TIME EVER, I unveil The Devil's Stone ritual, and disclose my breakthrough discoveries in the materialization of physical objects.

Rest assured everything you learn in Mastering Evocation: Omnipotence is highly original and innovative, because I received it directly from the spirits themselves!

In Mastering Evocation, you'll learn:

The secret inner psychology of evocation that ignites the most powerful, and safest results - section 3
The core essentials of clairvoyant scrying to make preparatory contact with your target spirit - section 5
Beginner-friendly ways to successfully evoke your first angel or demon - section 6
The Holy Grail of Evocation - how to initiate The Transfiguration of Consciousness to see and hear summoned spirits - section 7
The BEST manifestation bases, and how to structure an astral matrix, for a spirit to incarnate into a physical body - section 7
Rituals for summoning ANY type of entity, including Archangels, Demonic Gatekeepers, Aeonic Gods, elementals, planetary intelligences, and MORE
How to summon multiple entities at once, and command ENTIRE LEGIONS - section 12
Strategies for harnessing the power of group evocation to amplify the energy of rituals - section 13
Rituals for undergoing POSSESSION to inherit all the magick powers of your spirit, and companion rites for effectively exorcising the entity afterward - Section 16
Negotiation methods for demonic PACT MAKING that guarantee a fair contract and highly profitable outcome - section 18
Simple techniques for BINDING SPIRITS to physical objects and locations to capture their psychic energy and unique powers - section 19
Expert advice for handling key situations - like what to do if a spirit doesn't show up, or refuses to leave, or haunts your living space, or invades your dreams
How to evoke AEONIC GODS and influence the Destiny of Humanity - section 20
The Devil's Stone - the ULTIMATE ritual of omnipotence for materializing physical objects - section 21
Full length infernal grimoire featuring angels and demons able to satisfy any desire imaginable (most of whom I discovered MYSELF) - part 3 of workbook
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