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Andrew Fox & Peter Parks - DNA Wealth Blueprint 3 (July10 UP)

Andrew Fox & Peter Parks - DNA Wealth Blueprint 3 (July10 UP)


Case Study - Peter takes a newbie student behind the scenes and shows
you a full-blown case study of how he made $3200 dollars in three days
from scratch.
It's literally laid out "step-by-step". You get to see the exact offer and why they selected it.
You get to see the landing page, you get to see how he split test the headlines,
Split test the images,
Split Test the landing Pages
How to builds out the campaign from scratch
How to optimize the campaign,
You get to see the traffic sources, he reveals everything in this case study.

Warning - You're getting to see a very aggressive offer for a male enhancement product.

However, you get to see a very 'behind-the-scenes' look at the landing page and how this student angles the offer so it sells quickly. You get to see his blog where he sells multiple CPA offers, from skin care, to supplements, to e-commence products. This is absolutely mind blowing how he positions a multitude of CPA offers from one blog.
Breath taking stuff!


Super Affiliate Tracking -$100k >> $1 million >> $10 million and beyond

(Peter spent over $70,000 trying and testing out various "enterprise level" softwares with most failing the test.
Below you get the results of his hard earned dollars so you don't have to spend your own)
Peter takes a behind-the-scenes approach and shows you exactly how the super affiliates think and track AND why you need to start thinking like the super affiliates do.
Why Sub ID's Are Critical To Your CPA Campaigns And How To Set Them Up For Maximum Profitability (Can be the difference between a 22 ROI and over 140% R.O.I)

Which 5 key Sub IDs metrics are the key ones you really want to track. 99% of affiliates drop the ball on this aspect of tracking. (Here's how you can leverage their mistakes to your own financial benefit)
"Step-by-step process" how to technically set up to sub IDs to help you profit right out of the gate.
Peter hates wasting ad spend, not even one penny if he can help it.
The #1 sub ID that you can track - Get this right and this could mean the difference between having a five figure and 6 to 7 figure campaign or get this wrong and you could go bankrupt!
the KILLER sub ID to set up for mobile campaigns (where huge profits can be made)


Solar Panel Case Study - Top Affiliates Are Making Over $10,000 A Day

Watch as Peter takes you behind-the-scenes into one of the most controversial and passionate niches around.

How to become a master wordsmith that crafts ads that convert!
Discover the 5 key psychological reasons why many affiliates drop the ball in passionate controversial niches!
Learn the difference between demographics and psychographics and why it's important that you need to understand both to succeed in CPA marketing!
Inside this Module Peter reveals

actual ad placements
actual banners
actual content rich product landing page
Why you MUST use a very specific domain for your CPA offer and funnel or it can cost you $10,000's in lost commissions!
NINJA TRICK - You'll be introduced to a new targeting service that some very smart super affiliates are using and how you can get access to it as well!
You'll also get a very powerful description on why keywords are very important with CPA marketing especially when it comes to media buys using this particular service!
This Meaty module is worth the investment in DNA 3.0 on its own - there's only pure gold kept inside!


The Ultimate CPA Campaign And Backend Profit Machine

In this module Peter shows you how affiliates become super affiliates.. and eventually become advertisers to ultimately own the game.
The strategies revealed here other super affiliates have gone on to build their empires as advertisers and CPA network owners in excess of $168MM, $350MM, and Beyond.

You'll learn exactly what your secret weapons are with the assets in this space and how to leverage them
The 3 most important competitive intelligence tools (And why you MUST be using these)
"Tell Tale Factor" - What is the right amount of ROI you need to decide whether or not you can scale.
Why email is so important in CPA marketing yet so many advertisers drop the ball on it (While I laugh all the way to the bank cashing in on their mistakes)
Asking advertisers for the "magic wand" (Most affiliates would never be so daring to ask for this) and why you need it to scale your business past seven and eight figures.
And much, much more, this is a meaty almost 32+ minutes in length. You will need to watch this at least three or four times to grasp all the concepts before taking action, its that good. (Here's a hint, turn off the phone, send the kids to grandmas house, put the dog in the kennel and lock yourself inside your office, grab a cup of bulletproof and dig in - this is gold dust!)


Mastering Facebook CPA. (Cost Per Action) only for Advanced Users

In this module Peter shows you one of the most advanced features smart marketers are using to completely dominate FB® platform.
This particular strategy is about using CPA bidding on the blue beast platform.
This is one of the most powerful forms of bidding that FB® can give you, as many simply don't use it or know about it.

How to use CPA effectively that basically forces the network to send you optimized traffic.
How to ethically "use " the FB® algorithm to send you sub penny clicks and highly qualified traffic.
Staying 100% in control of your conversions (and how to track everything from A-Z)
SUPER TIP! How to avoid being at the mercy of FB® bidding algorithm and how to bypass it so you can stay ahead laughing all the way to the bank.
Why you should use C.P.A bidding versus the other modules - Failure to understand the bidding strategies will cost you an arm and a leg.. but get this right and it's just a matter of highly profitable scaling.


Building a Traffic Team Like a Boss (If you ever want to create a truly 'hands free business this is for you)

From over 8 to 9 years of 'trial and error" experience, Peter takes you behind-the-scenes and shows you the exact processes on how he built out his team.
The EXACT processes he has created for his students and clients have built out teams over the last 8 to 9 years to eight figures and almost 9 figures!
This is one of the major roadblocks for lots of marketers, lots of entrepreneurs is team building they don't know where to go, or how to go about the process!
Many fail and have their businesses shut down literally overnight because of it!
Hire wrong out of the gate and you will suffer headaches, endless waste of money and months of heartache!
In this "Build a Team Like A Boss" module you will learn.

What positions are the absolute most CRITICAL for growing your business!
Where the A+ superstars and high-level players hang out, how to approach and incentive them!
The #1 worst thing that you can do to approaching someone to work with you!
Why the old way of hiring people is no longer applicable in the digital age!


High Risk Aggressive CPA Offers That The Most Elusive Underground Affiliates Are doing $100,000 Per Day With

Warning, Warning, Warning!
In this module the unthinkable is happening.
This case study it not for the faint of heart, but once again in the last 2 versions of DNA Wealth Blueprint people have been asking to show them an aggressive high risk offer so you'll see how you can push one through the big blue beast.
These are high risk- high reward offers.

Case study breakdown of a high octane testosterone booster offer that some affiliates are making $100k a day from!
This offer is borderline aggressive and not for some of the networks but you'll see just how it gets pushed through!
Warning - If you run this offer you run it at your own risk and you understand that you can and will most likely lose your account and I am not responsible for your actions!
But with the flip side being great risk comes great reward if you have the "advertising balls of steel"!

Mystery Peter Parks Rock Star Student - Newbie to Super Success
Six Amazing Videos Spread Over 3 Modules

This is a special guest module from Peters "mystery student " - from newbie to massive success. Six videos over 3 modules
" Module 1 - Competitive Intelligence"
" Module 2 -White Hat Vs Blackhat"
" Module 3 - Profitable Campaign Set up"

Exclusive Guest Modules from Matt Schmitt - $100,000'S REVENUES using FB + Shopify
5 Incredible Videos Over Three Modules

July 10 Updates:
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