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Messing With Minds Magic Training Videos, Performed by Jay Sankey
Messing With Minds Magic Training Videos, Performed by Jay Sankey
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37 Magic Training Videos from InsideDeception's "Messing With Minds".
"Learn the closely-guarded secrets to reading minds, predicting the future, influencing people and more."
Performed by magician/entertainer Jay Sankey.

SankeyMagic YouTube Channel (free vids on purpose!)

More to come...
Enjoy! +*halofubar*+
Material from as of June 1st, 2016:
01 "Perfect Timing" -> Very 'fair-looking' prediction effect with clock faces.
02 "The Midnight Hour" -> A psychic effect that's ALL about the 'staging.'
03 "Psychic's Choice" -> A quick introduction to the art of equivoque.
04 "Resistance Is Futile" -> A novel presentation and handling for a 'psychic connection' effect.
05 "Shuffle Cut Deal" -> One of the few card tricks where 'dealing piles' is actually worth it!
06 "Hide, Keep and Give Away" -> A 3-phase mentalism routine with a pack of cards. A mini lesson in 'structuring.'
07 "Reenactment" -> Minimal sleight-of-hand plus a compelling presentation makes for a memorable psychic routine.
08 "Locked Room Mystery" -> This astounding deception can be performed OVER THE PHONE!
09 "Graffiti" -> A spectator's own name appears on a playing card.
10 "M+Mental" -> A sweet effect with a bag of M+M's candies.
11 "Simply Divine" -> A beautifully DIRECT deception with a shuffled pack of cards. Total 'workhorse.'
12 "Glass Menagerie" -> This 'appearing prediction' is a memorable combination of magic + mentalism.
13 "Shape Of Things To Come" -> A real showstopper involving a pack of blank cards featuring a variety of shapes
14 "Color Blind" -> Mr. Boris Pocus shares another powerhouse psychic demonstration.
15 "X-Ray" -> Share the spotlight by demonstrating that the spectator 'may be a little psychic as well.'
16 "Heartbeat" -> An ancient principle combined with an engaging script.
17 "Third Eye" -> Very theatrical stand-up piece with a paper bag and an eye ball. Many built-in emotional hooks.
18 "Constellation" -> Dead easy way to demonstrate a 'psychic connection' with another person. Also a neat bit of self-promotion.
19 "Dowsing" -> Commercial version of classic 'psychic touch' theme.
20 "Echo" -> A SLIGHTLY gimmicked version of the classic 'Do As I Do' effect.
21 "Remote Control" -> A psychic 'stop trick' with a shocking kicker ending.
22 "Printed Matters" -> 100% impromptu 'book test' with a borrowed book and a pack of cards.
23 "Sankey's Choice" -> A marvellously easy-to-perform trick, with an effective collection of secret 'outs.'
24 "Confession" -> A visually arresting version of Paul Curry's 'Out of this World' effect.
25 "Casualties Of War" -> A fool-proof psychic trick with a very different 'look and feel.'
26 "Formal Affair" -> Two different kinds of 'spoon bends' happen at the same time.
27 "3 Times Lucky" -> A hard-hitting prediction effect featuring Jay's 'Wichita Slip.'
28 "Around The World" -> Prediction effect featuring a devious envelope with many possibilities.
29 "Blackpool Effect" -> A jaw-dropping combination of mentalism and magic.
30 "Sentient" -> A great way to connect with people while establishing your 'psychic powers'
31 "The Laying On Of Hands" -> A 3-phase psychic routine with a killer 'build.'
32 "Dollars + Sense" -> Very commercial prediction effect with store receipts.
33 "Why Is Mentalism More Believable?" -> Some thoughts about why people may often find mentalism more credible than magic.
34 "A Choice Effect" -> Fool-proof prediction with tarot cards. SUPER sneaky!
35 "Paperclipped Premonition" -> A 'between the eyes' mentalism version of Jay's popular 'Paperclipped' routine.
36 "Two Kinds" -> Impromptu card effect combining magic and mentalism.
37 "Serial Killer" -> Divine the serial number on a borrowed bill. Powerful stuff.

Messing With Minds Magic Training Videos, Performed by Jay Sankey

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