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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Video Encyclopedia 10 DVDs

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Video Encyclopedia 10 DVDs

The Most Complete DVD Training Set Ever Made for Learning How to Fight On the Ground.

This is a COMPREHENSIVE, VERY THOROUGH 10 DVD TRAINING SET geared towards getting you âœup to
speed❠on ALL THE FUNDAMENTAL ISSUES OF GROUND GRAPPLING. Nowhere else will you find so many
techniques, explained in such WORLD CLASS DETAIL as you will RIGHT HERE in this series.

Disc 1

BJJ Takedown Theory for the Street: How to âœclose the gap❠and take that man down without
getting busted up!
BJJ takedowns that Work: for that âœdark alley❠like the âœBaiana❠and the
Two ways to armbar someone from the mount and ways to defend against this move.
Two ways to get the âœezechiel chokeâ, and how to defend against it
The all powerful cross choke and how to defend it.
Getting the back mount (aka. âœback grabâ) position.
How to apply the arm triangle
The Americana lock and defense
The âœaggressive way to mountâ

Disc 2

Ways to Attack Your Opponent from Side Control (Including the âœBrabo❠Choke)
How To Attack Your Opponent from the âœNorth-South❠position and how to escape from it
Ways to Attack Your Opponent When you Have His Back and How to Escape when someone has yours!
3 Ways to Escape the Dreaded Mount Position

Disc 3

How to apply standard armbars as well as the tricky âœescalating❠armbar
How to execute the kimura lock and how to get out if you get stuck in this lock!
How to trash your opponents shoulder with the âœomoplata❠lock and how to defend against it
How to attack with a triangle choke and two ways to defend against it
The all mighty Guillotine choke and the defense against it
Various attacks from the guard
How to capture someoneâs back from your guard
The sneaky âœEzechiel choke❠and how to defend it
How to correctly apply the arm triangle choke
How to execute the inverted arm bar
How to defend the armbar from guard
Two defenses against the cross choke
How to attack with a cross choke

Disc 4

Knee in stomach attacks (kimura, armbar, cross choke, collar choke, nutcracker choke)
How to apply killer footlocks, kneebars, and toe holds6 great half guard moves from the bottom
3 ways to pass the âœhalf guardâ
How to escape from leglocks

Disc 5

How to âœbreakfall❠properly so you donât get hurt when falling or being thrown
How to structure a class or workout
How to execute the best judo throws for jiu jitsu
Condtioning tips for improving your BJJ

Disc 6

Basic Drills to develop your âœopen guard❠skills
Ways to Break Open A Closed Guard
Several ways to pass the guard and get a dominant position

Disc 7

Numerous ways to choke, takedown, armlock, and back mount someone when they are âœballed upâ
in the âœturtle❠position
How to choke someone with âœthe âœcrucifix❠move
Ways to defend yourself and sweep your opponent when you are on the bottom in the turtle
How to escape from the crucifix choke

Disc 8

How to sweep an opponent from the guard with the arm drag sweep, bridge sweep, and various outer
hook sweeps.
How to sweep an opponent from the guard with the âœbelt and knee❠sweep
How to sweep an opponent from the guard with the butterfly sweep
How to sweep an opponent from the guard with a hook sweep
How to execute the highly useful âœtripod sweepsâ.

Disc 9

Quick and effective ways to escape from side control
How to use the âœsideways side controlâ
How to keep someone down in side control
Awesome attacks from sideways side control
How to escape from sideways side control
Mounting tactics

Disc 10

Wrestling takedowns like the âœdouble leg❠and single leg
Learn the wrestlerâs sprawl and âœgo behindâ
Fundamental strategies for tying a striker up in a clinch
How to get out of various âœstreetfighter❠holds like the headlock
How to best strike an opponent from the mounted position
The standing guillotine and the defense against it
How to strike from the guard â" both top and bottom
How to execute leg chops and âœbicycle kicks❠from the guard
How to best strike an opponent from the knee on belly position

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