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Lee Murray - List Synergy

Lee Murray - List Synergy

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Many call me a list building and email marketing expert. It's how I've been earning a very nice, six figure income for the past several years. The business has been beyond good to me.

More about me...

I'm 40 years old.
I have a magnificent 7-year-old son.
I began my marketing career as a ghostwriter.
I earned my first affiliate commission of $26 back in 2008... on my very first attempt!
I've done everything in the IM world, and have found success with most things I've tried.
I was once homeless... and am famous for becoming an IM superstar working from the public library!
I plan to become a millionaire within the next 3 years using the exact business model I'm sharing with you now.
I absolutely will... and you can too, if you simply follow this unparalleled blueprint.

List Synergy Is Your Ticket to Freedom

In essence, we're combining the power of grass roots list building and authority blogging to create something I like to call the "syneristic growth effect." This is simply the act of two things constantly feeding each other to the point where you've got a machine that will NEVER stop producing an ever-growing income stream for you.

You set it up once, feed it fresh new leads, and watch it grow in exponential fashion over time.

Your list makes your blog more impactful. Your blog gets search engine rankings and feeds your email list... which feeds your blog... which feeds your list... which feeds your blog... which feeds your list... which feeds your blog... which feeds...

The best part is that I give you 5 different options as far as lead acquistion goes. You pick the one that best suits your personality, aptitudes, and desires. I make this FUN for you, amigo!

In a Nutshell, List Synergy Includes:

15 over-the-shoulder training and demo videos.
My brand new "The Best Damn List Building System EVER!" which serves as a quick start guide to List Synergy.
My recent, award-winning book "It's All You Need!" - I will have you making use of it in this course.
The entire "It's All You Need" video series, for detailed demonstrations of how to set up shop!
Deeper training materials, depending on which lead acquisition model you choose. I mean, I've really got your back here!

Here are just a few of the additional training materials you will be receiving...
It's All You Need!

You will be instructed to open this bad boy up... both the book and the videos... when the time is right for you to do so.

This is my latest and greatest award-winner, and gives you 3 great list building and email marketing models to choose from... though with "List Synergy," I'll only have you using two.

Man, I am so excited for you to get your hands on this. This book alone lives up to its name and has the power to change the game for you...

But when used in conjunction with the "List Synergy" program, it's lights out!

This currently retails for $9.95 (book) and $19.95 (video series). Today they're both included in your "List Synergy" package!
JV Double-Down

This is just pure genius.

And you know what? It works even BETTER with the "List Synergy" system than it does on its own... because it and the blog model are a match made in Heaven!

Basically, this teaches you how to form partnerships with other business owners in a way where you constantly deliver an influx of traffic into each other's lead capture systems.

Of course, with "List Synergy," you never need to focus on selling anything, freeing up your blog content for other purposes, like working with clickbanking partners!

You'll see exactly what I mean inside!

Are you a lazy ass? C'mon, fess up! :)

If not, no worries. I have other options for you. But if you're the type of person who would rather jump straight to the money-making stuff and bypass mounds of setup... then this is for you!

If you choose this as your lead acquisition option (remember, in "List Synergy" I give you five to choose from), then this book will lead you to the promised land in a damn hurry!

It uses other people's hard work to your immediate advantage... and these people won't mind one little bit! In fact, they'll THANK you for it!

But don't load up your autoresponder the way that I teach in the book. No, no, no... follow the "List Synergy" videos for a much, much better way of doing things!

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