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Steve G. Jones -NLP Trainers Training [10 F4V]

Steve G. Jones-NLP Trainers Training [10 F4V]
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This course will go beyond how to teach NLP --or anything else -- into group control tactics and techniques. It will show you how to impact your group at will.
Through this course you will learn to:

Set a group mind
Mark your stage for success
Use your fear for power
Secrets of humor
How to anchor positives to you and negatives to others
Master group waking hypnosis
Embedded commands no one will notice
Metaphors for group hypnosis
Train your group like Pavlov's dog
Secrets of marketing
Remove any negative from you past concerning speaking
Release your personal power
Elicit group goals
Use group beliefs
Use humor for power
Advanced new behaviors for speaking
Linguistic patterns for groups
Control time for effective training
Secrets of mind control techniques
How group think works
Fallacy of group values
Target problem students early
Turn problems into assets
Effective forgetfulness
Anchor genius to yourself
Tag into group fears
Group rules-How to set them up
Develop your personal winning style
Take your NLP Practice to the next level by becoming a certified NLP Trainer!

Module 1
How to plan to be a trainer
What's your mission?
USP: Unique Selling Proposition
Preparing to speak

Module 2
Helpful Assumptions for Trainers
Dress for success
Own the information you teach
The 10% rule
Logical Levels as a model for teaching
Set the Room

Module 3
Teaching style and the book: 4 Agreements
Rooting Exercise
Speaker Zone
Emotions during the seminar
Superman/Wonder Woman technique
4MAT system
Develop your strengths and lessen your weaknesses

Module 4
Stage anchors
Opening metaphors
NLP session
Magic words
Eliciting states
Gaining respect
Changing states

Module 5
NLP session
Mission statement
Discover your identity
Superman technique

Module 6
4MAT system and the 4 types
Charisma builder
How to run a seminar

Module 7
Seminar considerations
How to handle inappropriate situations
What to charge for training
Zone exercise
Chunking and sequencing
NLP session

Module 8
Proper preparation for training
Breathing exercises
Relaxation techniques
Reading body language

Module 9
Combining NLP and hypnosis
NLP session with hypnosis
Importance of vocabulary
Knowing your audience

Module 10
Putting students on the spot
GEO Model


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