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Learn and watch as recording and mixing engineer Ian Sutton demonstrates how to mix with EQ.

Ian Sutton is a recording engineer and educator based in San Diego, CA. Having worked with musicians and artists across a variety of genres, Ian has developed a number of techniques to make a great sounding record and in this event, he will be sharing some of those techniques he's developed in a class covering everything about EQ's. Being such a commonly used tool in an audio engineer's toolbox, learning about it and understanding how to use it can only benefit the engineer.

Through a session with a local artist that he's prepared, Ian will show you how to use different types of EQ's (such as a Neve 1081, API 550, and an AVID 7-band EQ) on a number of different sources to shape, correct, and even improve the overall quality of a source. He will also illustrate the differences between a tube eq, passive eq and solid state eq as well as how the varying functionality of graphic eq's, parametric eq's, and fully parametric eq's can affect your mix decisions. After watching this course, you will have a much stronger understanding of Equalization and how to use it to make your own fantastic mixes!



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