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The Cracking the Code Season 2 Pass is the ultimate step-by-step guide to the techniques of legendary players like Yngwie, Eric Johnson, Shawn Lane, Michael Angelo Batio, Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, and more. Each episode arrives with an extensive course pack of detailed performance notes, our ultra-revealing 120fps slow-motion video clips, and complete tablature in PDF and Guitar Pro formats. With a new pack for each episode, this makes Season 2 more like eight instructional videos in one.

In Episode 1, you'll learn about the power of Yngwie's alternate picking approach, and its key ingredient: downward pickslanting. The first in a two-episode cycle completely outlining the Yngwie picking technique.

Season Pass course materials:
"DWPS Pack": Ultimate beginners guide to picking mechanics
One hour, six video chapters - Watch Chapter One!
20 slow-motion clips - View Examples: The Pop Tarts Lick, Trilogy 3-Octave
Complete tablature for all clips - View Example Tabs: The Pop Tarts Lick, Trilogy 3-Octave
22 pages of performance notes - View Sample!
Bonus soundtrack pack of 12 songs from the episode
Tabs and performance notes for selected songs

In Episode 2, we explore Yngwie's ingenious system for integrating alternate picking and sweeping via downward pickslanting, and unlock his asymmetrical one-way pickslanting formula - among the most powerful picking strategies ever devised.

Season Pass course materials:
"Volcano Pack" with 20 Yngwie-style clips
10 "Arpeggio" clips - View Example: 3-String Minor Positions
10 "Scales" clips - View Example: Descending Fours
Complete tablature for all clips - View Example Tabs: 3-String Minor Positions, Descending Fours
Performance notes deconstructing Yngwie's strategy - View Sample!

In Episode 3, you'll get a complete blueprint of Eric Johnson's picking technique, and investigate the engineering genius behind his long, flowing pentatonic licks, trademark hybrid fives mechanic, unique one-note-per-string "bounce" technique, and more.

Season Pass course materials:
Episode 3's "EJ Pack" with 34 Johnsonian clips - Watch the "Cliffs of Doverkill" EJ Sampler
Signature EJ multi-position cascading phrases - View Example: Pentatonic I-III Cascade
High-speed pentatonics - View Example: 2nps Pentatonics
Complete tablature for all clips - View Example Tabs: Pentatonic I-III Cascade, 2nps Pentatonics (Ascending), 2nps Pentatonics (Descending)
Exhaustively detailed 25-page performance notes - View Sample!
Bonus song + tabs from the episode: "TG's Bounce"



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